Hello and thank you for visiting my new blog 🙂


I am planning to write an ‘about me’ page but for here’s a little introduction for now;

I am a twenty-something born and bred in Manchester, England. My boyfriend and I  have been in a relationship for three and a half years – we met at university where we were both acting students! After completing my degree I trained to be a primary school teacher and will begin teaching my first class in September. I am currently learning to drive (which I hate!) and plan to spend the next few weeks relaxing after my stressful PGCE, reading as many books as I can get my hands on, working part time and planning lessons for next year!


I have to admit that I have started several other blogs and have always given up. My dedication so far hasn’t been  great but I’m hoping that this time, I will be able to stay motivated and continue to write regularly 🙂  I have decided to stay anonymous because as a teacher it is really important to be careful what you reveal about your personal life. I want to be able to express myself freely and  without the worry of students (or their parents!) reading about the more personal aspects of my life. I will probably talk about incidents that have happened in my classroom but will always protect the identity of the children I teach by changing their names and avoiding specific details. I hope that my readers can respect these decisions.


So that’s my little hello! I intend for this blog to be a little collection of memories; from my home life, relationship and career. Hopefully, it will prove to be an interesting read as well!!




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