Learning to Drive

ImageI begin my new job in September and as a teacher, I really need to be able to drive. Dragging books home to mark on a two hour bus journey isn’t going to be ideal!

Driving is something I really want to be able to do, but is something I have always put off. I am not the most coordinated of people and I knew it would be something I struggled with. (I have to admit that I get really frustrated when I am not naturally good at something!) Now, I am not afraid of hard work and even looked forward to having something to work on over the summer but now, (about half way through my lessons) I am feeling really disheartened.


To begin with, I was better than I expected and made good progress but that seems to have just disappeared and now each lesson seems to be worse than the last! I dread the time my instructor will arrive and watch the clock for the whole lesson. The day I can finally jump in my car rather than waiting for a bus can not come soon enough!! I guess it’s just one of those mind over matter things. If I keep with it and push through the frustration, eventually I must get better right?

Please someone tell me they have had a similar experience?!


Ti Amo x


5 thoughts on “Learning to Drive

  1. My younger sis had the same problem… me, i had absolutely no problem learning to drive, but my sis, she struggled for years. She eventually got her license, after 3 tries, but she still couldn’t drive on her own. I think it’s not so much a lack of coordination, but rather, a lack of road confidence. You just need to relax so your senses are all at their optimal, and practice practice practice! Eventually the road becomes a part of you, and you’ll be zipping down the freeway in no time!

  2. I’ve been there. it took me a whole year to learn how to drive and so many times i just wanted to give up.Now, oh i love driving. Stick at it, it gets easier and the freedom you gain with a car is great


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