Skincare Routine.

I decided to do my first official post about my skincare routine because I wanted to highlight the fact that there really is no need for expensive products, you don’t always get what you pay for!!

I usually purchase my skincare from Boots, which yes, can bit a little pricier, but I have an advantage card and so it is worth it to collect points back!

The first thing I use is a cleanser to take off my make up/ refresh my skin. I was using simple for a while but recently switched to this Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Cleansing Lotion. It cost me only £2.99 and was on their BOGOF offer last time I purchased it. It has no perfume, alcohol or colorants so is perfect for taking off eye make up and can be used on sensitive skin too!


Next on my list is a deep cleansing lotion from Clean & Clear. Again, I have been using one for sensitive skin, but that doesn’t take away it’s cleaning power! I love the tingling feeling it leaves on my face and the proof that it really works is on the cotton pad! For only £2.99, this lotion lasts a long time and really helps prevent spots.


Then come toner and I have stuck to the facial toner from Simple. It is alcohol free and gentle on the skin and really leaves your face feeling refreshed. It also contains multi-vitamins and lasts for ages!! It’s a bargain at £2.99 and usually is part of a special offer.


Lastly, it’s time to moisturise and I have to admit that really cheap moisturisers are often not very good. I have tried many in the past and still haven’t found ‘the one’. I am willing to pay a bit more money for a product which I know is going to work wonders on my very dry skin! At the moment, however, I am sampling the very reasonably priced Garnier Moisture Match.  It is only £5.99 and it was buy one get one free. So far so good, it seems to be doing it’s job but I still am having to use it day and night. Another criticism is that the bottle is only 50 ml so I don’t think it will last very long! However, I am going to stick with it and see how it lasts!


So there you go 🙂 As you can see, it is possible to have a really good skincare routine for less than £20! My products usually last over a month and I always try to stock up when I see deals on so that I save a little bit more. On my last shopping spree, I saved £14!! My skin is in really good condition – I hardly ever get spots (despite being on the pill) and my make up goes on beautifully without the need for primer!

I will admit that a good moisturiser is key and so far I haven’t found the perfect one for my skin, a more premium brand might be able to provide me with one. If anybody has any recommendations then please leave a comment below! Thank you for reading and feel free to give any tips about blogging/ let me know what type of things you would love me to post about!


Ti Amo x


4 thoughts on “Skincare Routine.

  1. it is really good that you pay attention to the “cleansing”. it is the first great of beauty secrets.

    • I know!! My make up never looks as good when I don’t use cleanser and toner. And with a great skincare routine, I am never afraid of not wearing makeup if I don’t want to!

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