Quick Product Review!

Les Karites Hair Masque


I bought this little beauty from the till point at Primark for a tiny £1.50! After falling in love with the ombre trend and dip dying the ends of my very fine and very dry hair, I needed something to revitalise and and hydrate my hair.

Enriched with shea butter, this product smells lovely and you get a generous amount in the packet. The instructions are simple; apply creme to wet hair and wait 10 mins. Now I wasn’t expecting a miracle (the ends of my hair are very split and in need of a good trim!) but I was hoping for my hair to feel smooth and soft, and for the dead ends to be less noticable.

Here’s what I thought after I had tried it…

My hair does feel a lot softer and more hydrated. I washed my hair with a little shampoo after to ensure that all the masque had left my hair and I wonder if this has had an effect on how soft my hair now is. For a person like me with really fine hair, the downside is that I doubt I will be able to put my hair up in a bobble at the moment, it would just slide right out! The ends of my hair do feel less dry, although you can still notice that it is in bad condition; it still has that slight straw- like texture.

Overall I would give the product a 7/10. It has made my hair feel and smell great but I’m not sure the effects will last very long. At only £1.50 it’s perfect for a little boost before a night out or for when you just can’t make it to the hairdressers. I did have a search in the internet but couldn’t find anything about the company or where else you can buy these masques. They aren’t on Amazon or eBay either. So unfortunately, you need to be nearby a Primark to get your hands on this product but I will keep my eyes peeled and update you if I see them elsewhere!
Ti Amo x


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