I am exhausted!! Dec has been at work all day and so I have had the flat to myself. I sat this morning of all the things I could get up to – dancing naked round the kitchen to Spice Girls? extreme beauty day including spot popping session? Greys Anatomy marathon with a bottle (or two!) of wine to help drown my sorrows during the particularly emotional episodes? No… rearranging the furniture!!!!!


We have lived in this flat for about a year now and the rooms are still the way we arranged them in the first week. It occurred to me this morning (during my driving lesson actually- oops!) that we aren’t making the most of the space we have. The flat has two bedrooms and naturally we took the larger one for our own. In the spare room we have a bed for guests, a desk with the computer and all my teaching files etc, and drawers filled with out – of- season clothes. This room has become a bit of a tipping station for things that don’t really have a place. Surprisingly, It is also the room we spend most of our time in! Mainly due to the fact all my teaching stuff gets dumped in there and because Dec can’t go an afternoon without a session on one of his computer games!

So I decided it would be better to swap the rooms around – have our bedroom as the smaller one (because let’s face it, we only use it at bedtime) and the larger room has become an office/guest room/ dressing room.

Being home alone, it has taken me around 9 hours to shift everything!! At one point I had furniture all over the flat and my legs are covered in bruises from shifting everything but it is worth the back ache I have now!! I am sat in the old bedroom feeling rather smug knowing that make up is now beautifully arranged and easy to get to. My washing basket is skillfully hidden in a cupboard so that I can ignore it when it overflows, my teaching files are arranged in height order and there just seems to be so much more space!! The best bit about the whole expedition however, is that Dec has no idea what a busy bee I have been! He is due home any minute and I can’t wait to see his face when he walks in. I hope he is impressed with the man power I put into this little project!!

So here are a few little snaps I took during the process, more for my own gratification than your entertainment I have to admit!! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the unusual good weather if you are in Britain like me!!!

A very satisfied yet knackered,

Ti Amo x









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