I have arrived at the in-laws house and had a lovely evening last night catching up with them. Yesterday was a really busy one for me and I will write a post about that later to update you all. I wanted to share with you a little something I wrote on my train journey yesterday:


I am sat on the train to Wolverhampton listening to a girl sat behind me on the phone to a friend. This is just a small snippet of her conversation so far:

“So I said to him like, I just want a like bit of thingy, like a bit of like space you know? Like, the thing is, I’m like unsure like of ermmmmm what I want to do with ermmmm like, you know the whole moving in together or like in with friends but like he shares a room with me like me and him having a room but with like friends. Like I dunno, I dunno, what to do about it and like he’s like putting pressure on me like to like make a thingy, like a decision. I’m not dissin him, I like know it needs to be sorted soon but like I dunno, you know?”

I have written this exactly as I heard it and the girl is still talking like this as I continue this post. Now, I have to admit, I am not the most articulate of people, and will often say ‘ermmmmm’ when talking, especially on the phone. However, I do think it is a shame that this is such a widespread problem. I probably hear a conversation just like this one every single day and it makes me wonder why, when we have so many words at our disposal, that we struggle to express our ideas and thoughts effectively. I am without a doubt more articulate when writing than when speaking and I have no idea why this is.

So like, next time you are like, chatting on the like, phone, why don’t you like, listen to yourself and like see exactly how articulate you like, are? Like comment and like let me know if you like have a similar problem, or like have like heard like someone else like talking like this?


After re reading this the word ‘like’ has lost all meaning!!

I am now away for a few days so will post as and when I can! Until next time,
Ti Amo x



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