Benefit Facial Gift Box

My lovely sister has been on holiday recently and came back with an amazing present for me which she picked up in duty free – a Benefit skincare gift box! I have had a look on their website and can’t find this particular product, so I have a feeling it may be limited edition.

It basically contains mini versions of the most popular products in their skincare range and you can use them to give yourself a little facial (a perfect pick-me-up for a Saturday afternoon!) Now, from my last skincare post  (click here) you will know that I am a bargain hunter and really believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great skin. The Benefit range is more expensive than my usual products so I was really looking forward to seeing if there is any difference! 



The first thing I should say is that the packaging is lovely and the products come in a small clear plastic bag which can be reused – great for going on holiday! There is also a leaflet included which describes what each product contains, should be used for and how it should be applied.




Step One Foamingly Clean Facial Wash. I have to admit that this facial wash didn’t really live up to it’s name – it didn’t foam very well!! Having said that, it did the job and washed my face well, all the products have the same gorgeous scent so it was a really nice wash to use on my face. It was gentle and smooth – overall I would give it an 8/10. I would say that I have used cheaper products which have been just as good and probably would be reluctant to pay £17.50 for the larger version.




Step Two Refined Finish Facial Polish. This exfoliating polish really buffed up my skin and I could feel the micro beads doing their job!! I did feel that my skin was smoother after I rinsed my face, almost as if the dirty layer on the surface of my face had been removed leaving fresh skin behind! I love this polish and it is £18.50 for 4.5 oz.


Step Three Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. With SPF 15, this oil free emulsion protects, hydrates and comforts your skin after cleansing. I have never used an emulsion before in my skincare routine, mainly because I didn’t really see the point. Although, I did notice that my skin calmed and was a little less red, I am still of this opinion. Skipping this step and moving straight to a toner would be fine for me, however I would recommend this product for anyone who has more sensitive skin.


Step Four Moisture Prep Toning Lotion. I have never used a toning lotion before (I usually use a water) and was surprised at how refreshing it was on my skin. I don’t enjoy piling lots of creamy products on my skin and prefer part of my routine to really refresh my skin and the toning lotion did just that! Again, the scent is really good and my skin felt clear and smooth after I used it. Another small point to make is that throughout this facial, the toner is the only step that requires use of a cotton pad – everything else is applied with your fingertips, so you do save a little bit of money and using less cotton is better for the environment!

Step Five Total Moisture Facial Cream. I was most excited about using the moisturiser as I have struggled to find one that suits my skin and needs. I currently use Garnier’s Moisture Match and have found that although it is keeping my skin hydrated, it is a little oily and leaves my skin shiny, making it difficult to apply my makeup. The Benefit Total Moisture was not a disappointment. My skin does not feel dry at all but the cream is light and doesn’t feel oily at all. My skin was shiny at first but that soon disappeared. I am so impressed with this product that I am considering buying the traditional size tub and replacing my current moisturiser. I guess in this case, you do have to pay to find the perfect product!




Step Six It’s Potent! Eye Cream. I have never used an eye cream before, not believing their claim to reduce puffiness and dark circles, but have realised that as my time as a full time teacher approaches, it may be a good thing to invest in! The small tub has a slightly different fragrance to the other products but this didn’t put me off using it. Having applied it under my eyes and to the lids, I was surprised to feel the puffiness reducing. I cannot say that my dark circles have disappeared (that would be a miracle!) but I am interested to see the results of using this cream daily. It is another one that had made me reconsider my attitude towards how much I am willing to spend on my skincare routine.


All in all, I love this set and am so happy my sister bought it for me!! The eye cream and moisturiser are my favourite products in the set and it was nice to pamper myself on a Saturday afternoon! I have noticed that Benefit do a make up remover which I might request a sample for.

So there you have it, who said a leopard can’t change it’s spots? I am still all for promoting high street brands and believe that you should do some research before splurging on expensive premium items. If something cheaper works for you then the name on the bottle isn’t important. But, it is worth investing some money to ensure that you are using the correct products to suit your personal needs. Let’s see if I continue to be impressed enough to invest myself!!

Thanks for reading, as always if you have an comments/recommendations for me then please leave them below!

A very fresh-faced, Ti Amo x




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