Being off school means I have the chance to actually eat some breakfast! (I usually don’t bother as I can’t stomach food too early in the morning) This morning I treated myself to some American Pancakes. I use a really simple recipe – 2 egss, 4oz self-raising flour, drop of vanilla, sugar (to taste) and milk. I make sure my mixture isn’t too runny so that the pancakes are nice and fluffy. 







I also had the chance to make a homemade vegetable soup yesterday 🙂 I usually use whatever I can find in the cupboards (especially if it is going out of date!) This soup contains onion, potato, broccoli, carrot, cabbage and mushroom. For this soup i used a chicken stock because I had run out of vegetable and it worked just as well. I love the fact that I can just leave it on a low heat for as long as I need and when I am ready to blend it the kitchen smells wonderful!! It’s also great because it stretches far – I ate my dinner yesterday, Dec has taken some to work and I will have more this afternoon. There should be some left over to freeze for the future as well! I added some rock salt and olive oil croutons for dinner yesterday and today I plan to bake some mini french sticks to dip in.





So there’s a few things I have been eating! I’m planning roast chicken and sweet potato mash for tea (if you’re interested!).


– Still waiting for news about Kate, Wills and Son. Can’t wait to find out what the little ‘un is called! I’m guessing George but i’m not keeping my hopes up – my prediction for a girl was wrong!

– I am setting up a twitter account but having a few problems with changing my username at the moment (the Twitter support team are being very unhelpful!) Hopefully, that will be sorted soon. In the meantime why not visit me on tumblr? www.tiamo-infinity.tumblr.com  I basically reblog lots of images I like on there, cute things, luxury make up, landscapes and anything in between!!


Until next time,

Ti Amo x



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