Theory Test and Treats :)


This morning I sat my Theory driving test… and passed! Woohooooo 🙂 I am so relieved that it is out of the way. I was really nervous about the exam because I had been using a CD to help me revise and I was failing all of the mock tests on the program. Obviously, I was worried that I wouldn’t pass the actual test but it turns out that the disk was a lot more complicated than in real life so I found the exam really easy and passed with a score of 49/50.

So as a little ‘well done’ to myself I stopped off in town on my way home and bought some more beauty products. I am still pretty poor until I start my new job so I went bargain hunting as usual and found some real gems! My first priority was to stock up on some nail products – having cleared out my drawers a few weeks ago (click here) I realised that I was low on some basic tools and varnishes.

My first stop was the Arndale Market which is a bit hit-and-miss and today it was definitely a miss! I only picked up one thing I wanted here which was a cuticle and nail trimmers. I have been looking for some of these for a while but they can be quite pricey in the larger stores. My new pair only cost me £1.99 so I’m happy I had a wander round!

Next stop: H&M. It took me a while to add H&M to my list of  ‘go to’ beauty shops because I always think of the great (and affordable) clothing but their range of cosmetics is great and never over-priced. I spent £20 in total and bought loads!!

First up – the necessary manicure kit!! Image

I also picked up a matt top coat to help transform some of my current nails varnishes and I grabbed 2 different glitter top coats because my old ones had gone all gloopy 😦 I had a quick test of these and the results are below – I’m pretty impressed!


Matt Top Coat -Orange Nail Varnish (Barry M 136)


Sample Glitter Varnishes


Also from H&M I decided to try some Nail Gems. This cute little packet contains silver, gold and black gems in a variety of shapes (stars, squares, oval etc) and also contains a tube of nail clue and a handy little tool to help pick up the gems.


I have to admit I have not had much success with nail jewels in the past and was a little skeptical as to whether or not I could get these to work! I used the french manicure set first and then decided on gold and black squares to make a simple design on one finger and my thumb. The tool was handy but worked a lot better when I wet the tip (it picked up the jewels easier). I would say that you need a lot of patience to use these – it took me a long time to do and I kept dropping gems/ struggling to get them in the correct place! I discarded the glue half way through and relied on a top coat to stick the gems in place. Here’s the result – not bad for my first go!


Lastly, I stocked up in face masks at H&M because I love the variety of flavours and types that they do and at 99p each they don’t break the bank! I got 6 different masks today and don’t know which one to try first!



Next stop on my little shopping trip was Topshop. I have been looking for an easy-to-wear lipstick for a while now, I only have more statement colours at the moment and I wanted something a little more subtle. I chose a great dusky pink which will suit both winter and summer and will go with pretty much any outfit I choose to wear (hurray!). I am glad that my search is over and if I end up liking it as much as I think I will, I’m going to have to hope that Topshop don’t decide to discontinue it!!  The shade is Innocent (D067A).  – let me know what you think!

I spent the rest of my time window shopping and saw some lovely clothes which are going on to a ‘wish list’ for my first pay cheque!! On my way down the high street I noticed some grils from Clinique handing out some free samples so I was a little cheeky and approached a couple of them. They each gave me a sample of their new dramatically different moisturizing lotion + and repairwear laser focus serum. These samples should last a week which is really good for a freebie! They also gave me a card each – one inviting me for a consultation to find the best skincare products for me and one to find the best type of foundation (this one included another free sample of my choice!). Again, I was a little cheeky and knowing that there are 3 different Clinique counters in several department stores, I went for both!! Both ladies who served me were great and really helpful – I now know I have a dry face but an oily T-zone and need to use products which aren’t oil based and include moisturiser. The second lady helped me to select the perfect foundation for my skin type and gave me a 5 day sample of it to take away!! I was really happy with my free treats and have to say that the foundation is amazing –  a perfect colour match and contains SPF 15 protection, and a moisturising agent – perfect!


So yes, today has been good. I have pampered myself all day long and now plan to have a relaxing evening waiting for Dec to come from work! We also have exciting news about a new potential house we might be able to move to – we are going to view it on Saturday. It’s a lot closer to my new job and is further away from the city. It’s still early days yet but i’ll be sure to post if anything develops!! Hope you are all having a great day!

Ti Amo x


9 thoughts on “Theory Test and Treats :)

  1. Congratulations on your test! I never would have thought of H&M for makeup but I’m definatley getting myselfsome nail gems (more glitter to turn up randomly all around the house). Your nails look so classy!

    • Thank you! H&M do some really good stuff! Their make up brushes are amazing and start at £1.99. They have lots of nail varnishes in at the minute – I was spoilt for choice! They have some lovely eye pallets in too. It’s always worth a look 🙂 x

  2. Congrats on passing – I remember how worried I was whilst studying for it and in the end I passed with flying colours! The practical test, on the other hand… 4th time lucky! The DSA can be a bunch of nitpicking idiots sometimes! So good luck for when you take it!

    I am so jealous of your freebies – the most successful sample I’ve blagged was a chilli cracker from Tesco 😦

    • I have to admit that it’s not very often I get freebies – looks like I was in the right place at the right time! Yeah, I’ve heard that they can only pass a certain amount of people each week so they will just pick in the tiniest thing so I’m not getting my hopes for the practical!

      • I’m sure you’ll do great – I’m just a nervous wreck under exam conditions!
        Some advice if you need it (from experience…): watch out for stalling whilst going around a corner, leaving indicators on after they tell you to pull over then take off again, changing to 2nd gear for a chevron corner and taking sharp bends in 1st. Definitely don’t take them in 4th… 😆

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