Addicted to Beauty Products!!

Creating this blog has given me a new addiction to beauty products! I’m obsessed with buying new treats (all within my tiny budget!) and yesterday I found some more goodies in Primark and completed my first ever order on Ebay (I am still waiting for this order to arrive and will update you/write a review when they get here).

So, fitting with my little obsession with nail varnish, I purchased these sets:


Each set was only £2.00 and included a varnish and sequins/glitter. The packaging also doubles as a place to put the glitter during application and as a funnel to help pour the excess back into the pot. I used the green sequin version last night and was really impressed with the results. The only downside is that not matter how careful you are, (I even laid newspaper out!) the sequins do end up everywhere! I think it’s worth it though if you end up with nails like this:


Star gems are from H&M. Click here for more info.

I also bought a new hair mask to try – different to the one l last bought and reviewed from Primark (here). I haven’t tried it yet, but will be sure to compare it to the last one for you all 🙂  Lastly, I got 2 new cardigans ready for winter and some cute photo frames to put some pictures of me and Dec in 🙂


After work on Friday I went out for some drinks with the girls and needed something to quickly update my look from day to night. Being on a budget, I decided to buy only one thing  – a new lipstick!


This one is from Max Factor and is called Flipstick Colour Effect in Swingy Brown 35. What a great panic buy! It is a double ended lipstick with a lighter and darker tone which you can use alone or blended together to create different effects! It glides on easily and lasts a long time which is perfect for a night out. Once applied, you can’t really feel the product on your lips. At £8.49 it’s a great price for such a versatile and long lasting product. 

*Boots online have £2.00 off this lipstick at the moment!!!

Here are two effects I created. Sorry for the bad quality, my iphone was shit refusing to focus!!


With the help of a lip brush, I’m sure you could use the darker colour as a lip liner for the lighter colour too. I’m going to experiment over the next few days and see what I can come up with!!

So that’s all for this post! I will be sure to share my Ebay bargains when they arrive. I was also looking at buying a UV light and some Gel colours for my nails but not sure whether or not to take the leap! Has anyone ever done their own Gel Manicure? Are they as good as getting one done in a salon? Worth buying my own lamp and kit? Please get in touch if you have any advice!!

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Ti Amo x


4 thoughts on “Addicted to Beauty Products!!

  1. I might just have to buy one of those nail polish sets – beautiful!
    My friend does her own gel nails and they seem to be alright 🙂 Although someone at a salon told her to be careful with the UV lights as they can really age your hands, and using it too often can lead to skin cancer…! So if you do get one, be cautious :O


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