Hair Masque Review 2



Out of all the beauty product genres, hair products are the least appealing to me. I think it is because I have never really liked my fine hair and as a result, I never really pay much attention to it. In a bid to make it look a little more summery, I followed the ombre trend and dip dyed the ends of my hair. This has of course, resulted in my hair becoming very dry; if not dead! So, a couple of weeks ago I purchased a hair masque from Primark and recorded the results here. I was browsing the shelves of the same shop again this week and spotted another masque and decided to compare it to the one I have already tried.


Hask: Macadamia Oil Hair Masque

On opening this masque, I immediately noticed that it smelled much nicer than the last one. It smells more like I would imagine a hair masque to (if that makes any sense!) The conditioner is thicker than the previous masque and feels a little more luxurious. The instructions indicate that this should be applied to wet, clean hair and left on for 10 mins before rinsing thoroughly. I shampooed my hair before applying the product unlike last time, when I washed my hair afterwards. Once on my hair the masque didn’t drip which meant I could potter around the house while I waited for it to do it’s magic – I even ended up doing a face mask at the same time!! 

Again, I wasn’t expected anything wonderful (my hair is in terrible condition!) but was pleased to find it felt softer and a little more hydrated. Overall, this product is worth a 7/10. Despite smelling nicer, and feeling of a better quality than the Les Karites Hair Masque, it produced the same result on my hair and was 50p more. I would use both products again because they do make a difference and are so cheap that they can be used regularly to top up every day conditioning. 


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