August 2013: Photo a day :)


I’ve never done one of these before so thought I would give it a try! I’m going to have to be a little creative if I want to stay anonymous. First photo will be posted later on today.

I have been babysitting my little sister for the past 2 days (hence the lack of posts!) I have invested in a cute little journal to carry around in my handbag to note down things I might want to blog about etc and I do have some ideas lined up for the near future. My first Ebay purchase has now arrived but I will wait for the other items to arrive before I share my little shopping spree with you! Dec and I have taken the leap and have put up some items to sell so fingers crossed we will make a bit of money too!

That’s all for now folks, just wanted to check- in. I’m still reading your posts and really enjoying them, if you have a blog I haven’t looked at then please leave your URL in a comment below and I will check it out!

Until later on (when I have my freedom back!)
Ti Amo x


2 thoughts on “August 2013: Photo a day :)

    • I found it on Pinterest (the creator has signed the bottom of the picture) – I just thought it would be interesting to do and might provide inspiration for future posts!


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