July Favourites.



1. Bic Cristal Pens. Pink, Lime, Purple, Baby Blue

2. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

3. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

4. Soap & Glory Girlingo Spray -On Body Moisturizing Mist

5. Body Shop Blusher Brush

6. Body Shop Bronzing Powder 04.

7. The Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown

8. Swarovski Earrings

9. Accessorize Bracelet

10. Apple Ipad


Here are my July favourites!! These are the products I just haven’t stopped using this past month!!



Firstly, the Bic Pens! I love the colours of these ball points and they make me feel really girly. An excellent way to make my note taking and classroom planning a little more fancy! 





ImageI have never been big on hair products, mainly because most of them leave my hair feeling greasy! However, having dip dyed my hair, I needed something to nourish the dry (well, dead!) ends. These two are top of my list – I use them both daily. The Aussie spray is applied after washing my hair – while it is still wet- and the Miracle Oil is used after styling. The only thing I need to add to my collection is some sort of heat protection, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!! 



ImageThis Soap & Glory body mist is great for a lazy bones like me! I don’t usually bother to mosturise my body but with this weird and wonderful UK heatwave, my skin has become a little dry. I received this product in a set as part of a Christmas present and so I finally had chance to give it a try! It’s smells lovely and is also great to keep in your handbag for long days out in the sun.




The body shop blusher brush has proved invaluable. I use it to apply face masks, blusher, bronzer and face highlighters.

The body shop bronzer is the perfect shade for my skin and gives me a lovely healthy glow. I do only use it when i’m having a ‘dress down’ day in terms of make-up. Some BB cream and this bronzer and i’m ready for the day! It will be a holiday must! 

This month I have read 3 of Dan Brown’s books. The Da Vinci Vode, The Lost Symbol and Angels and Demons. I love the way he mixes historical fact with fictional characters to create really gripping stories!



These Swarovski are really simple, yet elegant and I have worn them almost every day this month! They really add a little sparkle to any outfit and are great for helping transform an outfit from day to night. Similarly the Accessorize bracelet has hardly been off my wrist! It’s easy to wear and the combination of gold and silver makes it easy to match any outfit! 




Last but not least is my Ipad. I got this last September and after the initial excitement about the product wore off, I began to use it less and less. However, this month I have rediscovered the Ipad and the things it can do and now we are inseparable. I have downloaded lots of photo editing apps, more music albums and obviously, some blogging apps. I have synced mine and the boyfriend’s calenders and can access my work emails easily. I must say, it has become my new favourite toy once again!!


So there you have it! My favourite products from July! I didn’t realise how much I have depended on these items until I looked back at them for this post! I’m excited to see what August brings!


Thank you for reading!

Ti Amo x


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