Inside my Handbag.

I have been reading lots of blogs recently (they have taken over my usual novel!) and have noticed some really nice posts about what you carry in your bag.

(courtneyem & maidenauntadvice have both done a version of this post) 

I find it really interesting what people choose to carry around with them and how different they can be from another persons choices.  So I decided to join the bandwagon as they say, and do my own!





Choosing the right bag is really important to me and it can take several shopping trips for me to find the perfect one! I love this Julien Macdonald handbag because it is just the right size; it holds all my essentials (I don’t travel light!) but doesn’t appear too bulky. It has a shoulder strap as well smaller handles and I adore the colour!!






I like to be ready for anything and these are the items which I usually carry around. Obviously, I do cut this down if I am going out at night or need something a little more lightweight, but this represents a typical day:


1. A scarf to brighten up an outfit or for if it gets a little chilly!

2. My River Island perfume. It’s only cheap so I don’t mind being spraying as much as I want!

3. Tissues, Haymax balm (I have terrible hayfever!)

4. Sunglasses – my current ones are from River Island but I have several pairs from Primark too.

5. My journal, diary and pen. I like to keep organised and so these are a must!

6. My purse. This one is from Mango.

7. Body moisturising mist. It’s great for when you need a little pick-me-up in this heat!

8. Small make-up bag containing; face powder, a lipstick, lip moisturiser/balm, lipgloss (I cover all bases!), hair bobbles/grips, concealer.

9. Hand gel and body shop hand cream. I LOVE their hemp range.

10. Phone, keys, paracetamol (I hate a day being ruined by a headache!)

I do often have my IPad and usually a book, but I am not currently reading a novel so didn’t include it in a photograph. So there you have it! I’m not one of these girls who can leave the house with only a few items in her pocket – I’m a little more high maintenance!! 

Would you like to see a date night version of this post like on maidenauntadvice? Comment below and let me know!! Would also love to here what features in you handbag!!

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Ti Amo x



11 thoughts on “Inside my Handbag.

  1. I love this post! Thanks for mentioning mine as well 🙂 Bringing a scarf in your day bag is a great idea; I always do that if I’m travelling to the city (San Francisco).


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