Happy Monday!

It’s yet another Monday which means another busy week ahead! So it’s now official – we get the keys to our new home on the 15th August (aka THIS THURSDAY eeeeek!) and so there is plenty of packing up to be done over the next few days. I am also now in panic – stricken- teacher- mode as I only have two weeks until we jet off on a sunny holiday which means my classroom has to be set up and lesson ready and my planning for the year needs to be complete. HELP!!!

I spent a very relaxing weekend with Dec’s family and we attended a christening on Sunday. Naturally, the talk turned to babies and I realised just how broody I am! I do believe the one thing I am destined for in life is to be a mother and that can’t come soon enough! However, I have always been the sensible type and know that we need to be a little more financially stable (and preferably married!) before the stork can come and visit us! Dec commented on how lovely I looked feeding the baby and it made my day. In an ideal world I wanted to be pregnant by the age of 25, although I’m not sure that is quite achievable! We will have to wait and see 🙂

So, there are a few things I want to post to make up for my silent weekend and then hopefully I will be able to get a few more done later on in the week 🙂 I do realise this has turned into more of a Beauty Blog than I anticipated. I don’t know if it just a phase or this is to stick, but I’m enjoying it for now and I hope you are too! So brace yourself for a few haphazard posts of things I need to share!!


Hope you are all enjoying your Monday!

Ti Amo x 



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