Product Review. Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer.

ImageI have purchased one of the items from my Autumn Wishlist – the Bourjois Primer. I first tried a primer when they were first introduced onto the market, back when I didn’t really understand my skin tone and just bought products that ‘might look nice’ without thinking about whether or not they will suit me or work well with my skin. Needless to say, the primer didn’t do much for me apart from making my skin shine like a beacon so I quickly stopped using it. From that moment I have been put off primers, but after reading a little more about them on various blogs, I decided to give this one a try!


This particular product has an oil free formula so is perfect for me and also contains an extract to protect cell’s youth -bonus! My first reaction when I found this product in store (Boots) was “Wow it’s tiny!” You only receive 7ml for the £9.99 price tag which isn’t a lot of product at all  -I seriously doubt if it will last me the month.

The texture of the primer is almost like a mouse. It glides easily onto the skin but I have to say that I don’t particularly like the feel of it on my skin. I don’t know if it is the same with all primers, but it does feel oily (despite being an oil-free formula!) and it seems to sit on top of the skin, rather than sinking in a little. As a result, my foundation doesn’t seem to blend as well as does without primer. It could be that my particular foundation just doesn’t mix well with this product. I plan on testing it with a different foundation to see the effect.

However, I do have to say that the Flower Perfection does do what it says on the tin and provides a ‘correcting airbrush action’. My blemishes were blurred and appeared less noticeable -from a distance my skin looked a lot smoother. The scent is lovely and the pot is durable enough to stay in my make up bag.

I will continue to use this product and see if I can get used to it, though at the moment, I still haven’t converted to the power of the primer!!

Are you a primer-a-holic or do you not get the hype? Leave me a comment below and share your opinion!

Ti Amo x 


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