MUA Heaven and Earth Palette.

I AM IN LOVE!! Eyeshadow has never been a major feature in my make up bag, I tend to wear just an eyeliner or mascara and until recently only owned 3 eyeshadows to create a grey smokey look for when I went out for drinks etc.

Thanks to all your lovely blogs that changed this week when I purchased 2 new eye pallettes and three new eyeshadows!! I can’t wait to try them all out but this morning I had time for a quick experiment with the MUA Heaven and Earth Pallette I bought after spotting it on joannaloves.com.

ImageThis palette is great for creating more natural looks and I like every single shade. All of the shadows have a little shimmer to them (even the ones that look more matt) and Shades 10 & 12 almost seems to contain glitter. The lighter champagne shades make great highlighters and Shades 3 and 6 have a more golden sheen which will look great on my holiday when I’m (hopefully!) more bronzed!! Below is the finished product of my experiment this morning and I am glad I managed to create a more natural eyeshadow look which I can wear during the daytime! I can feel myself becoming a real eye shadow convert!! 




Base Shade 4

Crease Shade 5

Highlight Shade 9

Define Shade 12


I also used NARS Eyeshadow Base, Collection 2000 EXTREME felt tip liner and DIORSHOW Iconic Overcurl mascara.


So there you have it! I also purchased a Sleek Eyeshadow palette which contains some bolder colours so I will do a review of that one soon. 


Now back to packing! Next time I post, it will probably be from the new house!

Ti Amo x




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