Checking In.

 Hello you lovely lot!

Well, Dec and I are officially moved in to our new home! It’s been a long and tiring weekend but we are in and now face the daunting task of unpacking the 47 (YES! 47) boxes. It’s really difficult living with the limited belongings we can find in the closest boxes and we want to get settled and sorted before we leave for our jolly holidays on Saturday. We don’t have internet sorted yet (I’m posting this from my classroom at school – shhh!) so things will be a little quiet on here until the beginning of September when we get back.

I thought I would post a quick “blog wishlist” – basically a list of things I would like to post about in the future. If you have anything you would like me to write about then please comment below and I will see what I can do! In the meantime, here is my wishlist:


  1. Holiday outfits. This depends on whether the photos I take turn out well!
  2. Sleek Eyeshadow Palette review and photos.
  3. ‘Our new home’ – some snaps of how we have laid out and decorated the rooms in the house (this depends on how quickly we get it sorted!!)
  4. First day at school! It’s not long until I officially begin my new job and to say I am nervous is a HUGE understatement.
  5. Birthday Purchases. My birthday is coming up and I am asking relatives for money/gift vouchers so that I can purchase some things from my Autumn wishlist.
  6. Reasons why I love the winter! Mainly to do with fashion, but I’m a real winter girl and I love layering my clothes.
  7. Empties. I NEVER get to the end of a product, I always get bored and change before I have finished the entire product. I have never, ever seen the pan of any of my makeup and I change my foundation with at least a quarter left in the bottle!! So that’s my new challenge!

I will, as always, been peeking at your blogs to find some inspiration so please, please, if you have any ideas then get in touch!!

Until next time,

Ti Amo x 


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