I’m Back!!

Hello everyone!

I firstly have to apologize for my extended absence – moving house, going on holiday & starting a new job has left me with very little free time and limited internet access. However, I’m now back and have so much to catch you up on!!


Dec and I have been living in our new house for only two weeks but we have settled in really well. We can’t get used to the cold (we used to live in a flat and our new house is much larger!) and so spend most of our time snuggled under the one blanket we own! It’s lovely to have a separate dining room and I have been playing housewife by cooking some great traditional meals to keep us warm and toasty. The bedroom is currently decorated with pink butterflies so I think we are going to redecorate as soon as possible and I’m unsure of what colour scheme to choose! I think a browse on pinterest might give me some inspiration!! We don’t yet have a washing machine and without a car it’s impossible to get to a launderette so we are wearing every item of clothing we can find! Tomorrow we are going to attempt to hand wash some clothes as we are both dangerously low on underwear! All in all, we are very happy to have moved and are looking forward to making to place our own, although I have to admit it is already beginning to feel like home!


We spent the last week of August in Tenerife and had a great time relaxing on the beach and reading books. It was nice to spend some time with my family and we loved every minute of our time away. I saw my first cockroach (ergh!) and Dec managed not to get sunburn (a huge achievement for his pale skin!). I will post a few snaps we took later on this week.


Lastly, I have managed to survive my first week of teaching! It has been a fantastic, but exhausting, week and I have enjoyed getting to know the children and setting up my classroom. It has hit me that training doesn’t really prepare you for the job and I already have lots of things to get done, but I am sure I will get used to the workload and the pressures of the job. It has already had its rewarding moments and I can’t wait to see my class grow and progress as the year goes on. In the meantime, I’m going to look for some lovely display ideas online and see if I can replicate them in my own classroom. I will try and get some snaps of the displays I have done so far to share with you all.


That’s all for the moment, I’m going to try and post again tomorrow. I might have to come up with a blogging schedule so that I can make sure I am posting regularly and can balance it with my new full time work! If anyone has any suggestions on how to juggle both working and blogging I would be very grateful!


So here’s one thing I would love to ask before I go. What have you all been up to?! I have tried to catch up on some blogs but it’s pretty difficult to catch up on what I have missed so if you want to link me to a recent post you have written or anything you think I will be interested in then please comment below!!

All my love,

Ti Amo x 



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