My favourite time of the week

Sunday night is pamper night. Most people dread that Sunday night feeling, knowing they are back in work the following morning, but for me, it’s one of the best times of the week. Working with children means that I look rather bedraggled by Friday so I always reserve some time on a Sunday evening to rejuvenate myself ready for the week ahead. I use a face mask, hair mask (if I have one) de fuzz my eyebrows and body, paint my nails and generally sort myself out!! The I settle down with a book or in front of the TV for a couple of hours before it’s time for my beauty sleep! Here’s a little run down of some of the products I used this week.

Avon clearskin liquid extraction strip


I use this on my nose to peel away any blackheads that have built up over the week. No matter how well I look after my skin, I can never seem to get rid of them and they are the one thing that I really hate about my face. You leave this gel on for 20mins before peeling it off and (if all goes to plan!) it brings away all those clogged pores. I have only used this particular product for a few weeks and I am quite impressed so far. It is also reasonably priced and so is a good everyday product to invest in.

Avon solutions 5 minute renewing treatment


This is a little miracle product! A cross between a face mask and an exfoliating treatment it basically gets rid of all your dead skin cells and buffs your skin until it’s smooth and gleaming. I love the feel of my face after I have used this treatment and I know that in the morning my make up will glide on easily. I use it every Sunday and afterwards my face feels like new! Again, this product is nice and cheap and well worth the money. I plan to stock up on this one!

This week I didn’t have a hair mask but I plan to purchase one at some point this week because my hair is feeling limp and dry once again. I never really made it a priority in my beauty regime because, if i’m honest, I don’t particularly like my thin hair but I have begun to realise that it really needs some looking after! In my recent Avon haul I purchase a new comb and brush. I used to be too impatient to comb my hair and would insist on dragging a brush through it after a shower but thanks to some blogs I have been reading I now understand how bad that is! So, my little September resolution is to look after my hair a little better!

Another little product I have been using recently is a discovery I made on EBay. Dior bikini scrub. I bought this to take on holiday to help avoid a nasty shaving rash ruining my time on the beach and I have to say I am very impressed! I am a sufferer of shaving rashes and it seems no matter what method of hair removal I turn to, I always end up with a rash. Although this product hasn’t eliminated this problem, it has made it a lot better and I really recommend it! I don’t yet know where it can be purchased or for how much, but I plan to do some research to find out as I can’t rely on it always being available on EBay.

I have toned, moisturised, conditioned, scrubbed, filed, painted and plucked and now I feel ready for the week ahead. To end this post I thought I would share a photo of my Avon haul so you could see all my purchases. I plan on doing a review of the mascara very soon.


Thanks for reading, I would love to know about some of your beauty regimes so please feel free to comment or link me to a similar post!

Until next time,
Ti Amo x



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