Sleek Eye shadow Palette.

This is a little bit overdue but I did promise to do a review of the Sleek eye shadow palette in Storm. I bought it back in August (click here) and have used it a few times for the more neutral colours but this morning I decided to experiment with the bolder shadows to create a great night time look.



The first thing I have to say about the packaging is that although it looks really nice when you first open the box, it quickly becomes dirty. I haven’t even had this is my make up bag (it has stayed in my dressing table drawer) and already it is looking dirty! This is the case for a lot of my make up though and it’s not something that has really put me off purchasing from Sleek in the future.


I decided to go for a ‘peacock’ inspired look and used the blues and greens. I used the lighter blue for the base, the more navy blue for the corner and crease of my eye and then lined my lids (and underneath)  with the green. To finish off, I used the black shadow at the very edge of my lid to make it a little more dramatic. The shadows in this kit are really good and they really do shimmer (besides the matt shadows). The colours are very bold and a tiny bit of shadow goes a long way – I made the mistake of overloading my brush! I’m a huge fan of black eye shadow and this one is the purest black I have owned so far. They do take a long time to blend,and although they are buildable, it does take a lot of work. I would really recommend this palette if you love doing big, dramatic eye make up.



Unfortunately, the final result hasn’t photographed well and so you can’t really see the green lining. I’m going to use the more neutral shades to help create a brown/gold smokey eye look for a wedding tonight so I will try to remember to get some snaps for you! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening, I’m off to pamper myself before the party!!

Ti Amo x


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