Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.



I have never been too interested in perfume if I’m completely honest. I do wear it everyday but I have never actually purchased one myself, I just wait for birthdays and christmas and see what other people buy me! If I like it – I wear it. But I decided to treat myself recently and went along to boots to find myself a new fragrance. 

I was bowled over by the choice! I had no idea where to begin so I went for bottles I was attracted to but the first 4 scents I tried were horrible! Luckily a nice lady was on hand to help me out. I’m pretty rubbish and couldn’t describe what type of scents I like but I managed to find a few I have worn before and we went from there. 

There were several scents she picked out for me that I liked but I didn’t get that ‘I NEED THIS’ feeling from any of them so I decided to leave the store and try another day. On my way out, I had a quick whiff of Estee Lauder’s new perfume Modern Muse because I like their Sensuous Nude scent, but I was really disappointed to find I didn’t like it. 

So, a disheartened me headed for the door when Dec pointed to Chanel and told me to give them a try. I wasn’t very hopeful by this point but decided I had nothing to lose and headed over to the counter. The shop assistant let me try Coco by Chanel which I hated, so I moved on to Mademoiselle. Instantly, I fell in love. HURRAY! I just adore the smell and love how light the Eau De Toilette is – I can spray it several times throughout the day to keep it fresh without worrying about the smell being too strong. I love the bottle and the way it looks in my handbag and how there is no lid to fiddle with when I’m rushing through the door – I can just spray and go! The bottle is chic and sophisticated and I’m honestly a huge!

So, after the shaky start my first perfume purchase was a huge success and i’m really happy. I’m just having to resist spraying it now while I’m sat in my pj’s!!


Happy Weekend!

Ti Amo x



P.S For those who don’t know i’m now on instagram! Use the link at the top to visit my page! Also, check out my twitter and pinterest 🙂 


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