I finally got it!!!

My search for the Undress Me Too Palette by MUA has been a long and hard one. This £4 eye palette is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 2 and is in high demand. I was a little late in discovering this beauty and so when I came to purchase it, it was sold out in all nearby stores and online! I even looked on Ebay but refused to pay the £30 some sellers were asking for! I have patiently been waiting for over 2 months now but I have finally managed to buy one! There were only 2 left on the shelf and I believe it was a real act of fate that I wondered into Superdrug yesterday 🙂

And here it is…


I have to admit my collection of nude palettes is growing a little too big and I may have to avoid purchasing any more for a while because as well as spotting this little gem, I also couldn’t resist another H&M eyeshadow collection. (ooops!) This one is the brown/gold version of their SMOKY range and it looks gorgeous!


Let’s begin with the MUA palette. I have to say I love every single colour in the collection and I know I will wear them all at some point. I already have their Heaven and Earth Palette which gets used most days and I love their mix of matt and shimmer shades. I am particularly looking forward to testing out Exposed as it’s a colour I haven’t really worn before. On the back of the packaging it provides the names of each shade. (I apologise for the bad quality photo – I only have my iPhone at the moment!)

Image                      Image


 There has been a lot of hype about this product and I am eager to get stuck in and try some different  looks! Next we move on to the H&M palette. This has some deeper browns and I think this will end up  being used for more dramatic looks, maybe for nights out etc. The shades are simply numbered 1 – 5  from left to right (top to bottom on my pic) and I love how rich the colours are. My favourite has to be  number 5 because it has little flecks of gold which I’m hoping will create a lovely shimmer when applied.

 I had a quick go at create a golden/smokey look which is quite easy to wear and could be used daytime  with a lighter lip colour or nighttime with a darker one. I used a mix of both palettes and below is how I  created this look.

Use highlighting brush to apply devotion (MUA) to whole lid.   Image


Use crease brush to apply shade 2 (H&M) to crease and outer corner. 

Use liner brush to line lid with dreamy (MUA), bring under the eye also.  Image

Finally use slanted blending brush to blend 5 (H&M) into outer corners. Add black liner and mascara to finish.

Image         Image

This was only a quick attempt early this morning while I was waiting for Dec to wake up! I plan on creating a lot more looks and will hopefully be able to photograph some of them for you. Will hopefully be blogging a little more later on, I want to do a favourites post!

My next venture is to purchase an eyebrow kit because I literally have NO IDEA how to shape and look after my eyebrows! I know how they frame your face and can transform your look and feel like I need to become educated in this area of beauty so please help! If you can recommend a good eyebrow kit for beginner/ have some tips on where I should start please get in touch! Leave a comment below or message me on twitter!

Thank you!

Ti Amo x


6 thoughts on “I finally got it!!!

  1. You have pretty nice eyebrows naturally 🙂
    I tend to use “Lavish” to fill my brows in and then set that with a clear mascara, but MUA also do a brow kit for around £3.50 with 3 different colours and a wax (it’s just pretty hard to find in superdrug stores)

  2. Pingback: Nominated for the Liebster Award | Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend

    • Thank you so much for your nomination!! I have been nominated for this award before so I don’t want to be greedy and do it twice! I will answer your questions in a post on my blog and tweet a link to yours if that is okay 🙂 I had a read of some of your posts and loved them – can’t believe I wasn’t already following you!!

      Thank you so much for thinking of my blog – it was a lovely end to a rotten day!

      Ti Amo x


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