Half Term Haul.

As a treat for surviving my first half term as a teacher I popped down to Boots for a little retail therapy. I have had my eye on a few products for quite some time now (mainly things I have spotted on other people’s blogs!) and so I hunted them down and finally purchased them.


I really needed some new makeup remover and I decided to try a brand I have never used before. Botanics are a Boots own brand and they have created different removers to target different problem areas. I decided to go for the ‘all bright’ cleansing cream because I am all for radiant and illuminated skin. I also purchased the eye makeup remover because I have had enough of scrubbing away my eye shadow and mascara. I used these for the first time last night and was very impressed with the results! My skin was perfectly clean, with minimal effort. Hurray!


Next up was another purchase from Soap&Glory – my current number one skincare brand. I just love the different scents they create and the Scrubomatic is no different. I literally smells like you are rubbing peach and apricot yoghurt into your face. The teeny tiny beads help to remove impurities and unclog pores.


I also decided to try the Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser. I am very lazy when it comes to applying body moisturiser and hate struggling to get my jeans on after I have creamed up. I know I am late to join the fan club, but I decided to give it a try. This morning I spritzed it after my shower and loved the fact it smelt like I was spraying chocolate onto my body. (Cheeky!) It didn’t take a long time to soak in either which also impressed me. I have yet to decide if my skin feels any different/better as a result of this product – I need to use it a little more!


I finally gave into temptation and bought another Barry M varnish- this time a matt colour. I decided to go for the vanilla colour as I usually opt for dark reds at this time of year and I think this colour is a little bit different, but still on trend. I have yet to try it and will review it when I have the chance! I also bought Collection 2000’s eye shadow crayons in Vintage Blush and Hot Chocolate. I haven’t used a crayon before, but I noticed they are getting more and more popular and wanted to see why. I tested the Hot Chocolate version this morning and was amazed at how easily it glided on to my eyelid. A great alternative to the usual black eyeliner I wear and I can’t wait to try and create some new looks with these 🙂 I also threw in the eyebrow palette I purchased for Ebay this week. It’s by a company called Freuline 8 whom I have never heard of before but it included 2 colours, wax, brush and stencils and thought it would be a good starter kit for a beginner like me. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use the stencils! If anybody has any good tips/knows of any useful tutorials on shaping eyeborws and using stencils, then please point me in that direction!!



I have to apologise for the gigantic photographs. WordPress won’t let me reduce them today!


Ti Amo x


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