Eyebrow Stencils.

Last night I decided to sort my eyebrows out once and for all and try out the eyebrow kit I purchased from Ebay. It is from a company called Freuline 8 and contains 2 different powders, a wax, angled brush and 4 stencils.


I spent over an hour reading blogs and watching youtube tutorials to find the perfect technique. I ended up mixing several routines to make my own. Here’s what my eyebrows looked like before I began…


Step One: Choose a stencil. Now I decided to test each of the 4 stencils in order to choose which one was my favourite. I lined up the stencils using the line guides provided and then filled in my eyebrow with the darkest colour. I used a different one on the other eye to compare. I repeated this until I found the best brow shape to suit my face!




Step Two: Begin Plucking! After selecting your favourite style (I went for the one on the left!) Remove the powder using a make up remover and re stencil your eyebrows making sure they match as much as possible. Then pluck away!! Begin by removing any hairs that fall under the powdered line and then also pluck any from above (be careful when plucking from above because it is very easy to make your eyes look wonky!). I find using slanted tweezers works best for me.


Step 3: Trimming. This is something I have never tried doing before but it really made a difference to the neatness of my brows! Take a nylon lash come and comb your hairs DOWNWARDS. Then take some small manicure scissors and carefully trim along the powdered line so there are no hairs overhanging. Lastly, brush your hairs neatly back into place. *I had to improvise at this point and use a cuticle trimmer which worked but wasn’t as neat!

7 6

Step 4: Blend and finish! Now, rub off all that dark eye shadow powder using makeup remover and finish your eyebrows with neater makeup. I began by combing my brows into shape and using the wax to keep it into place. I then used the darkest colour to fill in my brows, but was a lot lighter with my brushstrokes and blended it with a small blending brush to make the finish more natural.


And there is the finished product! Although my brows do now look a  lot neater than before, and frame my face a lot better – I would say I am not sure if I am a fan of using a stencil. I found it really difficult to make them match and was afraid of making them too thin in the process of making them look the same! I am going to have another go because as they say, practice makes perfect! but I’m going to rely less on the stencil and trust my own eye as well.

Thanks for reading!

Ti Amo x


2 thoughts on “Eyebrow Stencils.

  1. It is fantastic and essential for especial events 🙂 ; What ‘s up? you haven’t posted recently. I am waiting for your new posts.
    well, I am going to run a new blog about fashion and beauty; I will let you know the address.
    go0d luck Ti amO,

    • Hi! I’m so sorry for not posting recently! I’m really busy at work at the moment and so weekends are my main blogging sessions! I do try and catch up during half terms etc but I promise to try and do better in the future!!

      Looking forward to reading your new blog 🙂
      Ti Amo x


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