New Hair!!

So this week I decided I wanted a change and went to get my hair done. I changed my long dip-dyed (mousey brown – blonde) look for a shorter chocolate brown layered styled with a full fringe. It has completely transformed the way I look and I have to say – I’m in love with this style!!

I have always had really greasy hair and have had to wash it every day for as long as I remember. Towards the end of the day my hair ends up stuck to my head and looking gross. I was telling the hairdresser about this and she told me it was really bad for my hair and I should really try to train my hair out of being washed so often.

The thought of washing my hair less filled me with dread but I know in the long run, my hair will be in better condition so I payed a visit to Superdrug where they had Batiste Dry Shampoo on a half price offer.


I selected the dark and deep brown version to match my new hair colour and because I wanted to avoid that horrible grey colour the original shampoos leave in your hair. I also noticed they had a dry conditioner which I have never tried before so I purchased that too.

Now, I have to admit that I have a very love/hate relationship with these products! I have used them every other day for a week and they do take away the greasy look of my hair which gives me the confidence to go out without washing my hair first! The dark brown is waaaayyyy better than the original shampoos because the colour of the powder matched the colour of my hair, so the excess powder is a lot less noticeable. The downside to this product is that your hair still feels greasy and the powder doesn’t have a nice texture either – so I tend to put my hair up and avoid touching it for the day!!

I have to say I am really impressed with the conditioner however! The ends of my hair are always a lot less greasy than my roots, but it does end up feeling dry very quickly. I concentrated on the ends when spraying this product and initially I didn’t feel any change. However, after a couple of minutes I touched my hair again and it felt soft and freshly conditioned!! I was really impressed and will be using this on my hair every other day to help stop it drying out. Overall, I am really happy with these products and they are really useful to have in the cupboard for those days when your hair just needs a little boost. I am going to keep experimenting with how best to use them and hopefully they will continue to impress me!

Do you love dry shampoo? Let me know your opinions by leaving a comment below! For more information visit: http://www.batistehair.co.uk/

Ti Amo x


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