MAC treats.


I popped into MAC today and bought myself a new mascara and lipstick. I have never had these products from MAC before but have heard amazing things  about them so decided to give them a try.

Image Image

First up is the mascara. I wanted something volumizing as I am lucky enough to have naturally long lashes. I went for their false lashes brush as the assistant told me it was a great brush to help get close to the lash line and build the colour and intensity. I went for extreme black because I love having really dark lashes. Here are the results!

Image Image


I really love how much thicker it makes my lashes look without clumping and sticking them together 🙂 I have yet to see how durable it is – tomorrow will be the test when I wear it for work! Next up is the lipstick. I wanted a nude colour that I can wear everyday for work, but that would also look nice on a night out when I have smokey dark eyes. I ended up with Creme Cup, which has a pinkish tint. The pure nudes didn’t really match my skin tone, but I fell in love with this girly colour.


Image Image

What do you think? It’s so much easier being able to show you my face and let you see how the products I purchase look when used! Thank you so much for your support in my choice to ditch my anonymity, it’s been lovely to read your comments and be reassured with my decision.

Until next time,

Ti Amo x


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