New Years Resolutions.

It might be a little bit early for this post but I am going to be away over New Year and so decided to post this one now 🙂 

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I have never been one for New Years Resolutions and never really understood why people set these goals and then spend the whole of January talking about how they have already given up on them. So, I have never decided upon resolutions for myself to stick to… until now.

Last night Dec and I were discussing how we feel about life in general right now. We are both at quite a big point in our lives: the time to grow up. Within the last 6 months we have found ourselves settling down into a house and starting full time careers. We are learning about the stresses of the grown up world and dealing with new things every day, whether that be budgeting our money to make sure we can afford the bills or looking around furniture stores and deciding upon wallpaper for the bedroom. All this is really exciting, but when we were chatting, we realised that part of us may be reluctant to step into this new world.

More often than not, the house is messy, the washing hasn’t been done and we let the pots pile up by the sink until we have no clean ones left. We bicker about who’s turn it is to take out the bin and who did more chores than the other this week.  We make any excuse to eat out rather than cook and we waste way more food than we should.  In effect, we still live like students. And so, we have decided to set ourselves a goal to get out of this mentality and embrace being grown up. Being the time of year that it is, we decided to set some new years resolutions to help us achieve it. 

1. Get in shape.

This isn’t necessarily about losing weight (although we both need to lose a little!) it’s more about being healthy and eating the right foods. We could eat more fresh food and being savvy with our cooking could save us money we spend on lunches at work. I began Weight Watchers a few months ago and was doing really well, but once December hit, I lost focus and my eating habits began to get worse. Once New Year is out of the way, I’m going to get back to meetings and follow the plan because it really helped me to stay focused and keep a track of my weight loss. I really want to get into a stone bracket which is healthy for my height and only have around 21 pounds to lose to get there. I want to feel comfortable in a bikini this summer and know that I am happy and healthy.


ImageTo help, I bought a lovely Recipes folder from Paperchase. I’m going to collect and record new recipes to try and aim to make a home cooked meal every night and use the leftovers for lunches for the both of us. (Click here to purchase the folder.) I also want to begin exercising. I am really unfit at the moment and hate exercise but I know I really need to start doing something to help keep me healthy. I love swimming, so that is something I’m going to get back into but I also like the idea of going to a hula hooping class. Once we get a car I am going to do some research and find one nearby to go and try out. Which leads me onto my next point…

2. Get a car.

At the moment both Dec and myself rely on public transport to get anywhere we need to go. This has started to become a problem because if we want to go somewhere out of town, we have to ask my parents for lifts or pay expensive fares in a taxi. Dec has a license and so now we are both in full time employment, it is time to start looking for a car. If you have followed my blog from the beginning, you will remember me talking about learning to drive and I have to admit that I still haven’t passed my test. I hate my lessons and being responsible for a car scares me. I been having lessons on and off for over 6 months now and I am at the point where I can drive and am ready to book my test. I just need to build up the courage to do it. Once I have a license too, I know things will be so much easier and we can become even more independent. It will be worth the hard work and stress I am sure!

3. Look after the house. 

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy cleaning once in a while and feel so much better when my space is organised and tidy. Our problem is that after being at work all day, that last thing we want to do is tidy and so we let things build up until we have a day off and then end up spending most of our day doing housework. So we have promised each other to keep on top of things – wash up after tea, tidy our clothes after they have been washed etc and basically just do a little bit each night to help keep the house looking nice. I did a huge spring clean just before Christmas and so we have began this resolution already and so far, so good. I’m determined to keep this one up because it’s really simple and just comes down to laziness if we can’t achieve it!!

4. Start Saving

This one is really simple. We are at the point where we want to start doing expensive things in our lives, get married, have children, go on holidays. buy a house etc. So, we need to start saving up to help us get these things we want. It’s not going to be easy because we both have a lot of student debt, but I’m sure we can manage and begin to have exciting things to look forward to.


There we have it. 4 easy to achieve resolutions. Let’s hope we stick to them!! Have you got any resolutions? Or are you a bit like me and doubt how easy they are to keep? Let me know – I would love to hear your opinion/goals!!


Happy New Year, (almost!)

Ti Amo x




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