Looking after my hands.

I have never really thought there was anything wrong with my hands, I’ve never suffered from dry skin or anything similar and so I never paid them much attention. For Christmas, I ended up getting several hand creams and it made me consider why these are so popular all of a sudden. I thought about how much you hands actually go through in a day and realised that they get put under a lot of stress. I decided to try out one of the gift sets I have been bought and I have to say after just 3 days of use, my hands feel so much softer!! The skin is less tight and my hands are silky smooth!

The set I have been using is anatomicals three wishes for hands that do dishes (hand care kit). It contains a hand polish, hand cream and a set of washing up gloves. I have to admit that I never bother wearing gloves to wash up, but now I think about how hot the water is, and what it must be doing to my skin, I have vowed to always buy them! I have put the hand polish and cream on my bathroom sink and as a result, have been using them several times a day. I am really happy with the results and will be purchasing this again in the future for sure. I just have to get through my other creams first! Here’s the other products I received for Christmas…


Fearne Cotton Hand Saviour Gift Tin

Includes –  Hand Cream, Hand Wash, Nail Buffer, Nail File and Orange Stick

Ted Baker I Wanna Be Loved By You Gift Set

Includes – Hand Cream, Lip Balm, Candle and Body Spray

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I also received this as part of a gift set but cannot remember the name of it!

As you probably know, there are a lot of Soap & Glory gift sets to choose from!

*All images are taken from google. The above products are available to buy from boots.com.

If you are already a hand cream addict or have some tips on how to look after your hands – please get in touch or leave a comment below!

Many Thanks,

Ti Amo x


One thought on “Looking after my hands.

  1. So important to look after your hands. they can turn dry and horrible as getting older! Also, It is really good that you found this kit. I use Eucerin hand cream which is amazing. 🙂


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