Current Shower Products.

I thought I would do a quick post on the products I am currently using to keep me squeaky clean! As usual, I got loads of smellies for Christmas so I’m pretty much set shower-gel wise for the whole of 2014 but here’s my current selection.




My mum always ends up buying me some ‘posh’ shampoo for Christmas which is why I have included them in this post. I’m not much of a hair product expert and usually stick to LOreal Elvive which I buy in bulk when it goes on sale! This particular duo smells lovely and the shampoo lathers up really well – you don’t need much of the product at all. The conditioner is really thick and creamy and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. As for it’s promise of big hair – that’s yet to be seen. My thin hair has stayed as limp and lifeless as ever but I’m not surprised, I would consider any shampoo that could make my locks voluminous a miracle product.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! It’s a body scrub made by my favourite beauty brand and has it’s signature scent. The body is a good size and sits pretty next to my other S&G products. The scrub is a clear gel with little hot pink beads inside – it looks amazing in your hand and a small squirt is enough to apply to your whole body. It exfoliates well and leaves your skin feeling really soft and extra clean. One I will be buying again for sure!


The two face products I am featuring in the post were not Christmas gifts but previous purchases. I bought this face scrub a while back after reading some great reviews on other blogs and I have to say it’s really really good. The beads are tiny, so although it really scrubs your skin and helps remove those pesky blackheads, your pores don’t end up full of soap which I have found can happen with some harsher scrubs. As you have probably gathered, scent is important to me and Scrubatomic smells literally divine. Like peaches and apricot. Yummy!


This came as part of the 3 step cleansing programme Dec bought for my birthday in September. I have topped the bottle up with some I had left over from a smaller bottle but this is still going strong. I use it after the face scrub to cleanse my face and get rid of those last impurities and it’s really gentle. It’s fragrance free and only produces a tiny lather, so I’d recommend it for sensitive skin. 


And that’s my little shower routine! I also have a huge bottle of S&G Clean on Me to get through so I will be using that up before I buy the Scrub of Your Life again. 

Ti Amo x


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