January Favourites.


These are the products I have fallen in love with this month. Some of them are trusty ‘will-never-leave-my-collection’ products but there are some new additions to my beauty wardrobe this month.

1. Botanics Eye Make up Remover. All Bright. This is the first oil based remover I have tried and it is AMAZING! I put a small amount onto a cotton pad and hold it on my closed eye for about 3 seconds. I then wipe my eye once and my eye makeup has gone! I use the same cotton pad for the other eye and it still works really well. It makes taking off my makeup easy-peasy 🙂

2.Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails. I received this in a Glossybox and it really has transformed my life. (A little too dramatic?) Gone are the days when I would paint my nails just before bedtime and wake up with smudged claws and I never get a chip after rushing to get my nails painted before a night out. A quick spray of this and your nails are perfectly dry in 30 secs. Bliss!

3. MAC False Lashes Extreme Black. This is the first MAC mascara I have used and it is certainly a keeper. I love how the thing brush makes it easy to apply with less risk of smudging but without compromising volume boosting qualities. This product really makes my eyes pop! and the extreme black stops me from needing several coats to make my lashes stand out.

4.MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup. Another first for me – a MAC lipstick. (I know right?!) This colour is lovely for daytime and when placed over a lip balm is has a lovely sheen. It compliments pretty much any eye makeup look and I also wear it at night with smokey eyes. A great all-rounder.

5. Soap&Glory Scrub of your Life. This scrub has the signature S&G scent and is great to use to exfoliate before a shave. I use it daily and love how it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I also really like the look of this product – a clear gel with baby pink beads inside. So cute and girly! Another winner and sure to be repurchased!

6. Soap&Glory Scrubomatic. Lastly, a product I am sure I have mentioned before. This face scrub helps keep those pesky blackheads away and its peach and apricot scents is beautiful. It’s gentle, cleansing and well – just heavenly!

And there you have it! I don’t do a favourites post religiously every month but I felt January really deserved one! These products have served me well and will all be repurchased!

Ti Amo x

P.S This was post number 100! Woohoo 🙂


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