Get Ready With Me: Sunday Bedtime Edition.

So this is the first ever ‘get ready with me’ post I have done and I thought it might be nice to start with how I get ready for the week ahead. Being a teacher means I get little time to pamper myself during the week; my evening are filled with marking, planning and making resources. I use Sunday night to get myself prepared beauty-wise for a busy week and its nice to end my weekend with a nice relaxing beauty session. My routine changes depending on which products I have available but there are a few non-negotiables which occur every week. Here’s how I got ready last night.

1. Nails. If I had to choose which area of beauty I disliked the most, I would have to say doing my nails. I find it difficult to be creative and always end up making a bit of a mess. I tend to stick to one or two colours and avoid complicated designs because they always end up looking very amateurish. Working in a reception class means I end up covered in paint and glitter and so I keep my nails short and manageable. The last thing I want to be dealing with when I get home from a hectic day is chipped polish! Last night I went for a neutral khaki brown which matches pretty much everything I ever wear! As usual, I relied upon my trusty quick-dry spray to avoid smudging my hard work!


2. Face. I always give my face a quick cleanse to begin with, even though I usually avoid make up on a Sunday. I then dig out the tweezers and get rid of those stray hairs below my eyebrow line. I’m a bit of a wimp and find plucking my eyebrows really painful so I get this over with as quickly as possible. I know if I kept on top of them and plucked them each day it would probably be over in 30 seconds but I always end up putting it off until Sunday evening. This is one of non-negotiable tasks. Depending on time, I then dip into my face mask collection and find one which takes my fancy. I use a blusher brush from the body shop to apply the mask to make sure I get even coverage and usually leave it on for around 5 mins. This particular one was strawberry and reminded me of the smell of Boots Natural Collection body butter which used to be very popular among my friends and I when we were about 13. I remember it had swirls of red and cream butters and we all tried really hard to not let the layers get mixed. Needless to say, we were never successful. Anyway, I got distracted. Here’s the photos.



(You have to include a silly face mask photo right?)

3. Showertime. This is my favourite part of my Sunday pamper (I should mention that I don’t only shower on a Sunday!) I hardly ever have a bath, I love standing under a nice steaming shower and often get in trouble for using too much hot water! Sunday is always a de-fuzz day and the first thing I do is get my pins nice a smooth again. I always begin with exfoliation and if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m obsessed with Soap&Glory’s Scrub of your life. I then use a shower gel (also a Soap&Glory product atm) a, scrunchie and Venus razor to shave. I have recently purchased Venus Proskin Moisurerich which really helps keep my legs soft and shaving rash free. Hurray! The blades are a little pricey but really worth it. I then do the usual, wash and condition my hair and cleanse my face. I use a scrub (Soap&Glory Scrubatomic – yes! I’m addicted I know!) and my Clinique facial soap. I finish the rest of the 3 step programme when I get out of the shower.



4. Hair. I sadly forgot to get some snaps of the hair products I’m currently using but to be honest there isn’t really much to say. If I have one in, I use a hair mask to give my lock some much needed hydration before I get into the shower. I didn’t have one last night but I must remember to purchase one this week because my hair is beginning to feel rather dry again. Anyway, I’m still in love with Aussie’s Leave in Conditioner spray and I use this and a thick toothed comb to get the knots out of my rats tails. I then spritz some GHD heat protection spray onto my fringe and blow dry it quickly to avoid getting a horrible gap in the middle. (It’s the bane of my life!) I’m quite lazy when it comes to my hair so I let the rest of it dry naturally. It’s only thin and doesn’t take long.

And there we go! This usually takes place in the spare room with a nice smelling candle and some nice relaxing music to set the mood! It’s my last chance for some ‘me time’ before I get swept up in school life again and it’s one of my favourite parts of the week. Once I’m all clean beautified, I settle on the sofa with a book or my current tv obsession (at the moment it’s Ugly Betty) and try to keep all thoughts of Monday morning out of my head until bedtime!

How do you prepare for the week? Is there anything special you like to do to relax? Leave me a comment below 🙂

Ti Amo x


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