Cleaning the brushes.

Yesterday was that time again. Time to clean my makeup brushes. I have been looking around online for some good tips on the best homemade concoction to mix up to give my brushes the best possible wash without having to break the bank on some fancy bristle cleaner. There was a huge variety of recommendations, from olive oil to hair conditioner, pure alcohol to washing up liquid and by the end of my research session my head hurt while I tried to decide upon the best method. And then it dawned on me; what was wrong with the method I already use? The answer: nothing! So I decided to create this post to share with you my super- easy method of washing my makeup brushes. And the star ingredient in my homemade cleanser? Hand wash! (In fact, it’s the only product I use so I probably can’t say that I actually made my own brush cleanser).

Step One: Gather your dirty brushes, a towel and a small bowl/dish. The bowl avoids you making a huge mess in your sink and having to clean it afterwards and the towel is where you can leave your brushes to dry when you have finished.


Step Two: Get some hand wash! I always go for one which is antibacterial to help sanitise your brushes as well as get rid of any residue makeup and powder. To be honest, I haven’t tested the benefits of having a sensitive wash against a regular hand wash and I can’t see that it would make much difference when washing your brushes.


Step Three: Fill the bowl with some lukewarm water and add about 5 squirts of the hand wash. Mix it up a little so there are light bubbles on the top. (That way you know the hand wash is well mixed.) I do this so that you have something solid to push your brushes against to help get rid of all that left over makeup. If you do this directly onto the sink, your lovely white basin will be left with streaks of foundation and eye shadow for you to scrub off afterwards. Using a bowl means you don’t have to worry about grabbing the bleach afterwards.


Step Four: Clean your brushes! I usually start with the smaller eye shadow brushes and start with the ones I use for the lightest colours. I then work up to the darker ones and once I have cleaner my eyeliner brush it’s time to change the water! To test whether or not the brush is completely clean, run it along the back of your hand. If it leaves a coloured mark, it’s not done yet! The water running off it should be clear. Once the eye shadow brushes are done, I move onto my powder and blending brushes. These end up caked in foundation and so usually take a lot more cleaning! I change the water after every other brush because as you can see in the photo, it ends up all cloudy and full of foundation!


Step Five: Rinse the brushes. Use lukewarm water straight from the tap. This gets rid of any soap and helps reshape the bristles. Hold the brush upside down and avoid getting the handle wet: you don’t want the metal to loosen and the bristles to begin falling out!


Step Six: Lay the brushes flat on your towel and let them dry, preferably overnight. Don’t pat them dry because the bristles will lose their shape again. They might take longer to dry this way but you avoid getting any ‘gappy bits’ in your brush heads.


And there you have it! Easy-peasy! I did experiment with using hair conditioner on the brushes too, but to be honest, it didn’t really make them any softer. You should really clean your brushes once a week if you want to be super hygienic but to be honest, I probably do them twice a month and it doesn’t harm me! I would love to hear how you clean your brushes! Please leave a comment below with your tips and suggestions!

Ti Amo x



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