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Recent Purchases.

Being the Soap&Glory superfan that I am, when I decided I wanted a new multiple-use face mask, I went straight to their counter in Boots. I had seen the No Clogs Allowed on my cousins instagram and decided to give it a go. As usual, I wasn’t disappointed with this S&G product! It’s heating quality means it feels super nice when you apply it to the skin and the way it changes colour to reassure you it is indeed working is a nice touch! It smells super yummy and does what it says on the tin (or box!). My pores felt clear and my skin nice and smooth. I used my face scrub (Scrubatomic) immediately afterwards and the products work really well together. I would certainly recommend it!

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I also needed to get a new makeup remover and caved in to the Micellar Water craze that is currently hitting bloggerland. I went with L’Oreal because it’s probably the most popular and affordable. I was really happy to see that it was on offer at Tesco – 2 for £5! Obviously, I couldn’t resist that bargain so they were quickly added to my trolley!  I have only used it once so far, so I won’t review it just yet but I am pleased with the results so far.


I probably shouldn’t ask this but do you have a ‘must- try’ product to recommend? Maybe it literally rocked your beauty regime or maybe just looks super pretty sat inside your makeup bag! If you do, post a comment below (not that I need any more encouragement to spend money!).


Ti Amo x



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