Valentines Gifts For Her.

So I’m publishing this as a gift guide but really it should be called “Things I wish I could Treat Myself To!”.

Urban Decay. Naked Palette 3. £37.00.

Yankee Candle. Soft Blanket Large Jar. £19.49.

Heart Snack Boxes. £7.50

Red Wraparound Journal. £15.00.

Buy John Lewis Decorative Heart Mirror, Set of 3 Online at

Decorative Heart Mirror. £25.00.

Buy London Clock Heart Twin Bell Clock, White Online at

London Clock. £20.00.

Adult Content Adult Content Blush Palette

Adult Content Blush Palette. £30.00.

These are all things I would love to get for Valentines Day! I know it’s probably a bit late to publish a gift guide, but it might inspire some of you last minute shoppers. Or more likely, will give you some things to add to your wishlist!

Ti Amo x



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