Naked 3.


I know that this eye palette is one of the most talked about products at the moment and I am sure that I will be repeating a lot of what has been said already by various beauty bloggers but I feel it would be a real sin to purchase and test this palette without providing a review for you lovely lot! So here’s my take on the beauty that is: Naked 3.

As you will already know the palette comes in a GORGEOUS rose gold tin which is durable and sure to withstand the harsh environment which is my handbag! It’s easily comparable to a pencil box, which makes it a perfect product to travel with as you can be assured the contents inside are unlikely to be damaged.


Open this beauty up and you are presented with 12 neutral-romantic shades which have never been seen before in another range. The colours are all pink-based, making it a very warm and rosy palette and perfect for the spring season ahead. The large mirror and high-quality brush again make it a perfect product to pop into your bag when travelling.

Now, I’m going to be honest, at first I could not make these shades work for me. I am a brunette with fair -medium skin and the looks I created didn’t seem to suit my skin tone at all. I was really worried that I would have wasted my money and that actually, this palette would suit blonde hair much better but before I threw in the towel I searched for some tutorials on youtube to help me on my path to rosy-glow greatness… and I’m so glad I did! (I will post a couple of the tutorials I watched at the end of this post).

After some experimenting I began to fall in love with the shades this palette has to offer and I created some lovely daytime smokey looks. I won’t go and describe every shade in the tin because lots of people have done that already but I will tell you that my favourite shades are Strange (for highlighting and around my tear ducts), Trick (as a main shade), Nooner (in my crease), and Mugshot (along my lower lash line). I haven’t yet used every single colour in the range but I know as I get used to using the pink toned shadows (I usually stick to browns) I will soon be experimenting with the more obvious rose colours like Dust, Buzz and Limit.

I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of the shadows; they feel really buttery and smooth when applied. There is a little more fallout that I would like but it’s easy to deal with and doesn’t hinder my overall impression of the palette at all. But the main question is: Would I recommend it? My answer? YES!! Absolutely, this product will enhance anybody’s make up collection. It’s very wearable and I have used it everyday for the past week, both for work and for evening engagements. Honestly, my initial doubts have vanished and I am now a huge NAKED 3 fan!

Here’s some photos of one of the daytime looks I have created.

I used Strange to highlight, Trick on my lid, Nooner in my crease, Factory in the outer V and Liar on the lower lash line.




I apologise if these photo’s aren’t very clear, I only have my iPhone to use and it isn’t always the best quality.

Thanks for reading!

Laura x

P.S Here are a few of the video’s I watched:



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