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Payday Haul.

I have indulged in some serious retail therapy this week and I have to confess that shopping really is my favourite thing to do- (I’m not sure it is appropriate to call it a hobby!) My bank card is feeling seriously tired at the moment but I can say that my heart has been warmed now I am the owner of some lovely new products!

First: Clothing.


 I love it when a new season hits and my favourite stores fill up with lots of new stock for me to lust over. New Look have a gorgeous spring collection and there were lots of things I had my eye on. I tried to remain sensible and practical and looked for items I knew I’m short of, so I bought 2 dresses for work and a new hoodie to help keep me warm when the in-between weather hits and I no longer want to wear my coat. It’s grey quilted with a chunky gold zip up the front which sounds rather chavvy, but I assure you, it looks rather nice over a floral dress or layered under my leather jacket.

The dresses are my usual style- dark in colour/ floral. I went for navy to shake things up a bit (my wardrobe is a sea of black, grey and maroon) and plan to wear them with thick tights and ankle boots for school. I particularly like the back detail on the navy dress and the girly collar on the floral.




I also bought some joggers and a gorgeous heart print skirt from Tesco but they both need to be returned because they don’t fit very well (I have big hips and a smaller waist so some things just don’t sit right!) . Lastly, I bought 2 pairs of dolly shoes which I just adore and wear ALL the time. these are cornflower blue and daisy print- cute!

Second: Beauty.


Now you all know that beauty products are my current vice and I did spend a small fortune (for my standards!) on makeup. First up was a trip to Boots who currently have a 3 for 2 offer on most makeup (excluding luxury brands). I purchased a Maybelline Cover Stick in Ivory to help cover those dark under eye circles and to use when I’m highlighting my face.  The LO’Real Glam Shine lipgloss is in the shade Juicy Rose Glow and looks really nice over my MAC Creme Cup Lipstick. Lastly, I went for a nail corrector pen from Barry M – I have never tested one before but thought I could use it to tidy up the edges of my nails after painting them (no matter how hard I try, I always end up with polish on the skin around my nail bed!)

My two big purchases were two products I have been wanting to try for some time; Urban Decay’s Naked 3 (i’m presuming you have heard of this one!) and Chanel’s Sheer Illuminating Base.

ImageI have not yet found a primer I am 100% happy with and so after reading several RAVE reviews about this product (I think joanna@ may just be it’s no 1 fan!) I decided to give it ago. I am really excited to try this out and I promise a review will be coming soon 🙂


Anybody who is even a little bit interested in the beauty world has anticipated the release of the third eye palette in the Naked generation from Urban Decay. I know I am little behind the hype, but being a Naked virgin (pun completely intended!) I wanted to read/ watch some reviews before I took the plunge with this one. I am already very much in love with this new addition to my make up routine and I haven’t even taken it for a trial run yet! It really does just ooze luxury and I can’t wait to create some looks to share with you all 🙂

Last stop: The MAC counter.


As I’ve heard many times that the quality of your tools really can transform the quality of your make up, I decided to invest in some new brushes. I went for stippling brush (187), eyeshadow brush (217), concealer brush (286), and blending brush (224).* I’m hoping for some fantastic results when I use these!

*The names I have given these brushes are not their actual names given by MAC, but what I intend to use them as in my own make up routine.


I have been on the look-out for a new blusher for a little while now, I have never seemed to be able to find a shade I really love and that suits my skin tone well. With the help of the lovely artist at MAC I selected one of their mineralize blushes in the shade Dainty. I am hoping that this one may become my go -to blusher!

And that’s all folks! I don’t intend for this to be a ‘show off’ post in any way, but merely a chance for you to look at how I am gradually updating my make up bag and improving (hopefully!) my beauty techniques and routines! I’d love to hear your opinion on any of the products I have recently purchased and please feel free to leave links to any tutorials/looks you have created using them in the comment box below!

Goodbye for now,

Ti Amo x


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