Barry M Nail Paints (Spring Edition).

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Barry M Nail Paints. I am sure that I have over 30 different colours and I almost exclusively use their nail polishes. I enjoy their massive range of shades and affordable price. I have a colour to suit every mood, outfit or whim and I quite often repurchase my favourite shades.

Now that confession is out of the way, I thought I might share 5 colours which always make an appearance on my hands when spring hits. As soon as that little hint of warmer weather appears, I take my cue to whip out the pastel beauties from my nail drawer and often end up spoilt for choice when deciding which shade to decorate my nails with first. I am not very good with nail designs and usually stick with block colour, but it is at this sort of time, when I am rediscovering colours which have been lay at the back of the drawer in hibernation, that I choose 2 ,3, or 5 different shades to wear at once.



From left to right:

310 Mushroom

304 Mint Green

318 Peach Melba

317 Blue Moon

309 Strawberry Ice Cream

And in true Laura style, I couldn’t choose which shade to model for you on this post so I went for them all! Tomorrow is parent’s evening at school – I’m not sure how professional multi-coloured nails are but i’m not taking them off!


Ti Amo x


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