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Chanel Illuminating Base Review.


This beautiful, beautiful product is literally a game changer in my little world of beauty. I cannot believe it had taken me so long to purchase this baby – it is a miracle in a bottle!

So let me start at the beginning. I have never been able to find a primer that I like. Or that actually does what it promises. I believed all this talk of creating a layer for your foundation to sit on which will make your makeup last longer and go further to be a load of rubbish. And a lotion that will illuminate your face and keep your foundation of choice looking dewy and light? A myth.

But it isn’t! The trick is to find a really good quality base which suits your skin type and mixes well with your foundation. And I have found it. CHANEL SHEER ILLUMINATION BASE.

This perfect primer is heaven to work with. The packaging is luxurious and sturdy – a small glass bottle with a large plastic lid – simple, yet effective. It fits in my makeup bag and isn’t too heavy or bulky to consider leaving behind when I’m away. The product itself is pure white, silky and smells divine. After leaving my moisturiser to dry a little, I pour a tiny amount onto my fingers and smooth it across all areas of my face. A little bit goes a long way, and the only problem I have with the bottle is that it is quite easy to pour out too much product.

I then apply my foundation as normal but I have to say, the difference is incredible! I probably use half as much foundation as I was previously and it blends a lot better than it did before. I have also noticed that the staying power of my foundation has improved a lot and my makeup actually stays put all day long – all I need is a little powder touch up at lunch time and it looks like I have completely redone my face! I have tried mixing a little with my foundation and it does make it a little more illuminating but not enough for me to mix it in on a daily basis – maybe just on a night out or special occasion. The lady at the counter also recommended that I apply a little under my eyes on top of my foundation to reflect light and divert attention from dark circles under the eye, but I have to admit that I didn’t really notice much difference when I tried this.

Sticking with using it as a base, I really cannot rave about this product enough and it is going to remain a firm favourite of mine. I am really looking forward to reading other reviews about this and seeing if everyone is like-minded or if anyone has had any problems with it, because right now, I can’t imagine anybody not liking this Illuminating Base from Chanel!

Ti Amo x


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