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Portable Workstation.

I have already written this post once and it completely disappeared on me, so fingers crossed this one saves properly!

I have recently given my laptop to my younger sister to help with her schoolwork. Having an iPad and a laptop for work, I felt I didn’t really need it anymore – all my internet browsing etc can be done on the iPad. The only problem was that I couldn’t blog on my work computer, but it was really uncomfortable using the on screen keyboard on the iPad. So I decided to invest in a wireless keyboard and a new case.


The keyboard is from a company called Perixx ( and I bought it from Amazon for just £19.99. It’s rechargeable and come in black or silver/white. I love how thin and lightweight it is; the only problem I have is that it didn’t come with a case and so I will have to buy a small bag or something to avoid it getting damaged!

The case is made by JETech and again I got this from Amazon (£9.99). I went for the yellow/plum colour because I saw on the photograph that the plum was more of a hot pink. I love how bright it is and it really stands out in my handbag so I know exactly where it is at all times. It is like a book cover and has a magnetic front so that the iPad automatically locks when you close it. It also has a bendable back so that you can prop the iPad up as you can see in the photo.
I have seen that moleskin do a similar designed case which includes a notebook on the inside cover, opposite the iPad. I always thought that would be really handy for making notes in meetings etc and I am going to try and do a little DIY and attach one to this new case. If I’m successful, I’ll make sure I post a photo to show off my handiwork!

I’m really pleased with my new little workstation and like that I can set it up pretty much anywhere. Writing this post has been much quicker than usual (though it would have been better if I didn’t have to do it twice!) and I can’t wait to get lots of posts written!


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