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Primark Beauty & Makeup Storage

I had to take return a few items which I have recently purchased and so ended up in Primark. I deliberately headed straight for customer services so that I wouldn’t be tempted by anything in their new Spring/Summer collection and was doing really well until I found myself cutting through their beauty section. I have noticed that Primark have recently begun extending this area and now it really is a bargain paradise. With their own brand range of makeup bags, brushes and makeup as well as fake tan accessories and shower essentials, there really is something for everyone. And the best part? It’s all as cheap as chips!

There were many things I wanted to try out but I restrained my spending urges and just picked up a few things I knew I needed. I also popped in to WHSmith to pick up a couple of WordPress magazines in the hopes of picking up a few tips to help improve my blog.


I also bought some new acrylic makeup storage from Home Sense. I know it hasn’t been too long since I last organised my beauty drawers but I spotted this storage set and HAD TO HAVE IT!


I currently keep my everyday makeup and brushes in a bag and the rest of my collection is kept in a set of drawers waiting for their next turn in the limelight. We are currently looking to buy a house and plan to move within the next few months. I would love set up a little beauty area with a dressing table/ blogging desk in our new place and I bought this little unit in preparation for that really. It’s a good size to hold my most used make up and it being clear means that I an see pretty much everything it holds so that I know exactly where everything is. The brushes look much better displayed in this little pot too.


I think I might have a look for some dressing table inspiration to give me some ideas of what I can create when we get a new house! Please comment below if you have any ideas/ photos of your own beauty setup for me! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter/instagram or feel free to contact me using the details on my PR&Contact page.

Thanks for reading,
Ti Amo x


3 thoughts on “Primark Beauty & Makeup Storage

  1. ARRRRGHHH! I love your wallpaper, I think I need to get hold of something like that for our living room ASAP! Also, I think I may just have to pop to WH Smiths for some magazines on WordPress to make my site better too! X

    • Primark is a huge store in the UK which offers really affordable fashion and homeware. The storage set is from TK Maxx (TJ Maxx) and was only £15.99 which I think is really reasonable! I would also recommend looking on eBay for some acrylic storage- I found a huge range which weren’t too expensive. Hope this helps! X


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