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Soap&Glory Smooch Operator: First Impressions

So today I had my first application of a Soap&Glory lip balm and wanted to share my first impressions with you.
Smooch Operator is a lip butter balm intended for use by those people with very dry, chapped lips. I do not fall into this category, but I do love an intensive lip care product which is why I selected this particular item instead of one of their more famous tinted lip tins.
The Smooch Operator boasts the following ingrediants; Wild Mango Butter, Argon Oil and Vitamin E Oil, all designed to add moisture and protect your lips. The product retails for £5.00 in Boots.

*The lip balm is photographed with the Puffy Eye Attack Hydrogel which I purchased at the same time.

The first thing I should mention is that, as always with Soap&Glory, the packaging impressed me. The box is eye-catching and fun and I love the quirky design. The pot itself is nice and simple- I always think white looks quite classy and the product itself is a nice rose colour which looks nice a girly and reminds me of Dior’s Creme De Rose. The pot is a nice size and will take up little room in a makeup bag/ handbag and so makes a good choice for a daily balm. The butter itself is quite firm and I imagine will be unlikely to melt in warmer weather (a good thing). This does mean it takes a little work to get enough on your finger for a generous application, but this does suggest that the product will last a long time.

When applied, your lips instantly feel smoother and more moisturised. The butter does make your lips tingle a little which I really enjoy because I like to know that the product is working its magic, and this is not uncomfortable at all. I believe that Smooth Operator will really help soothe and prevent chapped lips and will keep my lips feeling plump, smooth and happy! I’m looking forward to using this balm on a daily basis and can’t wait to see if this makes my lipstick look even better!


Have you tried this Soap&Glory product? Please leave a comment below with your opinion!

Ti Amo x


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