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Maybelline Brow Drama

I know this week has been a quiet one post-wise but work has been STRESSERFUL recently! So all my time has been spent planning, writing reports and making resources; leaving me no time to blog (boohoo!) I’ve finally found a spare hour on this lovely Sunday evening (side note: where has the weekend gone?!) and so I’m planning to get two or three things scheduled so that it isn’t completely silent on here if I end up with another busy week.

So let’s get to it!


I spotted this product last week while I was browsing the make up section of Boots for like the 100th time. I am fully aware of how important it is to look after and do your eyebrows because they frame you face and transform your complete look yada yada yada… but to be honest, brows just ain’t my thing. (FYI – in my head I said that with an american accent and thing should be pronounced thang.) Anyway, when I spotted this little beauty I decided to give it a go – anything quick and easy which I can slap on my brows to make them look half decent is an immediate winner with me.
When I got home I had a quick browse on youtube to see if anyone had reviewed it and was surprised by the mixed bag of opinions out there. Quite often a product is a clear winner or loser but this one has really created some contraversy. Hence why I’m adding my own little voice to the debate.

First impressions? The packaging is okay. Sturdy, black and & sleek. Nothing out of the ordinary. You take out the brush and it looks like a typical mascara wand, only its fatter at one end and then goes super-thin nearer the handle. I went for the darker of the 2 available colours and I have to say, it matches the colour of my natural eyebrows perfectly. I doubt I would find a better match anywhere. I slathered some on haphazardly and was impressed with how the wand combs my brows into shape at the same time as filling the gaps with colour AND setting them into place. I must admit that once dried, I know that my brows are not shifting for anybody – until they see that make up remover they are staying put. It’s also great to know that the wand is quite precise and so in a rush, I’m not going to end up with brow dye all over my forehead!

And then I started to use it everyday. And this is where the cracks began to show. The wand doesn’t allow much product to come out of the tube which means you have to re-dip it A LOT per eyebrow. In fact, when I swatched it on my hand, it came out very streaky and so I have taken to applying 2 coats, letting the product dry in between. Next, I thought about the colour again. Like I said earlier, it is a perfect match for my natural brows but unfortunatly, the hair on my head isn’t my natural colour and I tend to due it a bit darker. So if I want my brows to be a good match, I need to be making them a bit darker. Unfortunatly, this product only comes in two options and I have the darker of the two already. I do think that if you are someone who likes to spend a long time on creating perfect brows then this isn’t a product that you can use alone. I will say that it is great to use when you want to set your handiwork in place – I plan on using an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in my brows and using the brow drama to set them in place and hit any spots I might have missed. If Maybelline happened to bring out some more shades, I would certainly be trying them out – it really is a time saver for those rushed mornings!

Have you tried this out yet? Please leave a comment below and voice your opinion!

Ti Amo x


2 thoughts on “Maybelline Brow Drama

  1. I most definitely think I need to try something like this. I over plucked when I was younger & I am forever regretting the “no brow look” Circa 2003?
    Rebecca @ QueenBeady

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