Recent Favourites.

It’s that time again when I have collected a little batch of products that I currently can’t get enough of. I don’t do monthly favourites because I tend to like the same products for a longer period of time before moving on to new obsessions! Here’s my recent choices:


1. L’Oreal Skin Perfection Moisturiser and Micellar Solution. I am sure you have heard plenty about these two products. I personally really enjoy using the moisturiser because it is really thick and creamy and hydrates my very dry skin without leaving greasy patches. It also blurs imperfection and acts almost like a primer. A dose at night and before applying make up keeps my skin happy. The Micellar Water is great for removing my makeup and literally melts away any products on my face. You have to work a little harder when removing eye makeup but it’s still my cleanser of choice at the moment. You can buy both products from boots.com
2. Brow Drama by Maybelline. I recently did a review of this product here and I have to say that despite the drawbacks, it has kept it’s place in my everyday collection. I use it to set my brows in place and it works really well when used over powder.
3.MAC Mineralise Blusher in Dainty. This is probably the most beautiful blusher I have ever owned. It’s got a lovely shimmer without having huge glitter pieces, it’s rosy colour is perfect for my skin tone and it blends really well. It’s a true love of mine!
4. MAC Large Stippling Brush 187. This duo fibre brush has completely transformed the look of my foundation and creates a lovely dewy texture on my face. It’s a pain to keep clean, but so worth the money! I really love it’s ability to create an almost-flawless finish and I look forward to many happy years with this baby!
5. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I have the lightest shade in this range and use it to highlight and conceal under my eyes. I mix it with my Touché Eclat for contouring. It works really well and is as cheap as chips. Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeline in Nude. Another nice product. It really brightens your eyes on a tired morning and makes them sparkle. I’ve used it everyday since I purchased it!
6.Clinique Cubby Stick in Mighty Mimosa. This is another lippy which has been raved about so I won’t go on too much. I will just say; moisturising, colour-perfect, lush.
7.Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base. It’s just so beautiful and makes my foundation sit perfectly on my face. Mixed in with my foundation, it makes my skin look dewy yet shine free and it really is one of the best products I have ever bought. A certain repurchase when the time comes.
8. Urban Decay Naked 3. It hasn’t been off my face! It took me a while to become comfortable with the colours because I don’t usually wear rosy tints but now I’ve got the hang of which shades work well together, it’s used every day. Another one worth the money.

Which products are you loving at the moment Please link me to your own sites below – I love reading everybody’s opinion!

Ti Amo x



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