Today I’m going to Harry Potter World. (arghhhhhh!!!) I am a massive fan and can’t wait to be there, wishing I had won a place at Hogwarts! There is a lot going on in my life at the moment and this weekend I intend to get away from it all and just spend some time with the girls in my life- my mum and two sisters. Work is pretty stressful at the moment and Dec and I are in process of buying a house. Yes, this is super exciting and we can’t wait to have something of our own which we can work on making our first real home, but it’s also a little daunting and talking about mortgages and repayments is rather overwhelming. I’m looking forward to summer when things will have settled down and I can begin to relax a little bit!
If you have been a reader from the start you will know that I have been learning to drive ‘for-like-ever’ and probably think I have been sneakily taking (and failing) test after test. I can assure that is not the case! It has been difficult juggling lessons and my job and I have had my test booked once but had to cancel due to a difficult time in my family. I can confirm that I did rebook and it’s coming up very soon. A lot of people don’t pass first time but I’m praying that I will because I am not sure I can face another 5 weeks of being a learner! Of course, I will keep you posted on the results- keep your fingers crossed for me!
I don’t really have anything else of interest to share with you. I am trying my best to keep posting as often as possible and I’m forever drooling over your sites and creating mental wishlists of all the amazing products I see you rave about!

Until next time,
Laura x



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