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Shampoo Hoarder.

I have been a little bit obsessed with LO’real Elvive Shampoo and Conditioner for about 2 years now. I have tried and tested various versions of this range and settled on their Full Restore collection and have used it religiously for a long time now. But now there is a new kid on the block and I have shifted my loyalty. I might just be a bit behind the hype with this one, or it could be a new addition to the LO’real Elvive range, but I recently noticed the Fibrology Thickening formula and almost died with excitement. My thin hair has always been a problem and I do hate it with a passion, so anything that might help volumise my locks in any way is a god send. Don’t worry, I’m not naive enough to think that this will be the solution to all my problems, I have tested pretty much every thickening hair product out there without any luck, but having a shampoo and conditioner from my favourite range which actually targets my hair type is too good an opportunity to miss. So goodbye Full Restore and hello Fibrology. It’s currently on offer in Tesco and I tend to stock up when I spot these at half price because I do begrudge paying £4 a bottle a little. I invested in 3 bottles each of the conditioner and shampoo and also decided to try the hair mask and thickening booster.


My first impressions? It smells gorgeous and I love the colour of the bottle. You get a good amount of product and I don’t need to use too much of it considering my hair is so fine. In terms of thickening my hair, so far, no joy. The hair mask was lovely and my hair felt really nice and nourished afterwards but I have washed my hair daily this week and not noticed any more volume in my hair as of yet, I am hoping that with long term use, there will be some improvement, so I will have to keep you posted.


Does anyone else use this collection? Or can you recommend a thickening hair product for me to try?

Please comment below!
Ti Amo x


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