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Instagram Moments & Updates.

I have lost track of my instagram recently and have no idea which photos I have already shared with you and which are new so I am sorry if any of these are repeats. I don’t usually post all the photos from my instagram on here so if you want to see more then please follow me @lurraa 🙂 I am still doing #my100happydays but I don’t take a photo every day and again I’m a bit lost with which day I’m up to! My next job after writing this post is to figure that out!!

So I’ve found a few of the more recent photographs I have taken for this post – enjoy!





I only have a few updates in terms of what’s going on in my life at the moment and to be honest, I don’t have very much exciting news!

I failed my first driving test which I am gutted about because I actually only got 6 minors. I’m actually quite a good driver but my nerves got the better of me and I completely messed up my reverse around the corner (boo hoo!) I have re booked already and am keeping my fingers crossed but to be honest I’m not that hopeful. It feels like I am never going to be legal to drive which is really frustrating because I am more than ready to pass my test! Anyway, watch this space!

Dec and I have now completed our mortgage application and once that is signed off it will only be a month or so until move day! It’s really nice to know that we will be finally owning a place of our own but the thought of packing up and moving AGAIN is pretty unbearable! At least we know there will be no more moves in the near future and we can really settle down and make this new place our own. The house is 4 bedrooms so I’m going to have one of them as a beauty/ blogging room which I really cannot wait to do. I already have lots of ideas of how I want it to look – it is a tiny tiny room so I am going to have to be clever with space but it does have a huge fitted wardrobe for all of my clothes and accessories, so I will only need a dressing table and chair in there.

It’s now the Easter holidays so I have 2 whole weeks off work – bliss! I do have lots to get done for the new term and plan on going into school for a couple of days next week to get stuff done but other than that, I’m grateful for the break! I’ve also found out that I will be teaching Reception again next year which I am really looking forward to. It will be nice to be able to put into practice all the new things I have learnt this year!

And that’s pretty much it! I’m going to spend the rest of the day in the gym, in Tesco and then maybe creating a few more posts to get ahead of myself!

Ti Amo x



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