Final Update?

I have been seriously considering deleting this blog over the past few days. Not because I don’t enjoy blogging, because I do, but because I simply don’t have the time to put in to posting every day and keeping it up to date. I have been off school on my Easter break for the past 2 weeks but haven’t had the time or motivation to get posting. This has always been a hobby for me, something I wasn’t inclined to promote or advertise but I do feel it is unfair for those of you who do read and follow my posts to be inconsistent with when I write a blog post. I am not going to delete it straight away, because I don’t want to make the wrong decision, but I’m going to take the time to consider my options and to see if there is a way of keeping my blog updated without putting myself under the pressure of getting something down everyday, because at the moment, it’s just not working.


If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it as always!!

Ti Amo x


3 thoughts on “Final Update?


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