About Ti Amo

Why Ti Amo?

Before I write a little about myself I want to explain how I chose the name for my blog. My Boyfriend (Dec) and I aren’t the most romantic couple – I always dreamt about a romantic prince coming to whisk me away on horseback to make me his wife, but it never happened. Instead, I fell for a goofy yet caring guy who doesn’t exactly understand the meaning of romance! So, for the first two years of our relationship I learned to live with the idea that romantic gestures would never really feature in our time together. By the time our third anniversary came around, we were pretty skint and couldn’t afford to buy each other anything and decided to just get each other a card. I ripped open the envelope, expecting the usual ‘from Dec’ but instead found the words I love you written in 50 different languages. Instantly, I turned into the typical blubbering mess of a girlfriend and read each phrase through blurry tears. My favourite of all was the Italian Ti Amo and so that became our little reminder of the one romantic gesture of our relationship to date. We will often use it to sign off a text or say goodnight when we want something a little more special than I love you.
The ‘infinity’ is a reference to one of our favourite films (you guessed it!) Toy Story and I often tease Dec by saying he is stuck with me ‘to infinity and beyond’. So there you go – a soppy little story of how I named my blog! I must assure that any other anecdotes that involve Dec are not likely to be so slushy!!

So now a bit about me:

I come from Manchester, England and currently live with Dec in a little flat. We hope that someday soon we will be able to move to a house with a nice garden and begin saving for a mortgage. I am in my early twenties and have just finished studying. I am now a NQT (newly qualified teacher) and spend my days surrounded by paint, glitter and 4 year olds. And yes, I LOVE my job!!

>>My biggest ambition in life is to have children. I am really looking forward to the day that I find out I’m pregnant!! Obviously, at the moment that isn’t possible because of our financial situation etc but it is a dream for the future.
>> I love reading and some of my favourite books are – To Kill a Mockingbird, Wicked, Anne Frank’s Diary and The Night Circus, 1984 and of course, The Harry Potter Series. Being one of those lucky children to grow up with the Harry Potter books, I have to admit that I really believe the wizarding world exists and I was just unfortunate enough to be born a muggle!
>> My bed is my favourite place to be. Apart from the occasional nightmare, I can’t really think of anything bad that happens there! I probably sleep too much and will admit to occasionally jumping straight into bed as soon as I get home from work (yes at 6pm!)
>> I enjoy cooking but finding the time to practise is difficult and so i’m not very good at it! Food is one of my favourite things about life and I love eating! I can’t stand any kind of beans and am a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy food, but I enjoy pretty much all other foods!
>> Exercise and myself do not get on! I know I need to do it more but I hate it with a passion. I am not sporty and the only thing I am quite good at is swimming. Unfortunately, the local pool is a bit gross and without a car I am a bit stuck! I really should commit more time to getting fit but at the moment, my motivation is non existent!!

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to get in touch! I’m looking forward to reading some new blogs so please recommend anything you think I might be interested in!

Ti Amo x


15 thoughts on “About Ti Amo

  1. What a sweet “about me”. I love the way Ti Amo was conceived and also a huge fan of Toy Story we are always reciting lines from that movie around here! Thank you for visiting my blog today and I look forward to keeping in touch with your adventures in England!

  2. What a wonderfully romantic and loving story for ti amo! Dec never has to do anything romantic ever again. It would be hard to top that! Welcome back…good luck with teaching the littlies…. I am a retired elementary teacher in NY and thank you for following my blog. I hope you will enjoy it and visit often! Namaste.. . . . .

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